The Corona Diaries – Day 609

It wasn’t quite as cold today. When I arrived at the top of my hill I was confronted with a beautiful array of clouds and blue sky creating fabulous patterns on the fields and bringing the landscape to life.

My kestrel was sitting on his wire and moved away further down the road every time I got close. He finally went off to perch in a tree and glower at me.

On the way back down I saw what looked at first sight to be the body of a large dog. When I was close enough I could see that it was a large deer. It had been hit by something and killed, its leg was badly broken and there were injuries on its body. Whoever had hit it had simply moved its body over on to the verge and left it.

I bet an animal that size can leave a major lot of damage on a car but as there was no sign of debris I reckon it was a lorry that had done for her.

Back home I’ve been playing some Sonny Boy Williamson and writing my Captain Beefheart book. It’s going well – about 200 pages in now. Should have completed the first draft by the end of next week. Far faster than I had anticipated. That’s when the hard work begins.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland once again the clouds are gathering. Labour is ahead in the polls. The clown is wobbling and descending into the incoherent blubbering wreck he really is. Without an autocue and puppet master he flounders. No wonder he’s wobbling he’s got a brain of jelly. It doesn’t stop his being an evil conniving bastard though. He’s really fucked over the poor and even the quite well-off with his oven-ready Care bill. Not only do they pay loads more taxes but they still have to sell their houses. It’s all OK, the rich do quite nicely out of it.

The Tories don’t like the sight of jelly-man though. They are beginning to realise that their asset is turning into a liability. People are turning against him. No matter how much he ruffles his hair and makes all his funny car noises they are beginning to realise that all his promises are lies and hot air. He only delivers for himself and his wealthy chums. He’s conned everyone. Rishi is waiting with his billionaire smile and sharp talking. He’s obviously someone all those thrown on the poverty line from Johnson’s incompetence and elitist policies, will respect and vote for. They love the super wealthy. They know their place. Kow Tow to the rich bastards. Serfs and peasants know where they stand.

The rich and powerful know how to rule. We all deserve to eat the scraps

So, today there were another 43,676 new cases with 165 deaths! Going up again!! There is an increase in three-quarters of places in England. Not great news. Europe is once again the epicentre and no doubt we will happily export all over the world!! Scientists are predicting a big surge in cases in the New Year – following the Christmas travel and mingling. I’m just glad that I’ve got my booster jab.

Over Europe they are locking down and bringing in stringent measures like isolation for the unvaccinated and compulsory vaccination.

Perhaps they should shut down all the absurd conspiracy theories going around on the internet. It seems that in true Trumpian style people are much more willing to believe crackpots and superstition to scientists. In the USA a good percentage believes that Trump knows more about viruses than scientific virologists with five degrees and forty years experience. That’s called stupidity.

If I need an operation I’ll opt for an experienced surgeon over Donald Trump or Boris Johnson any day!! But feel free to ask how you remove a brain tumour from Billy the antivaxxing guy from down the road who may have flunked school at sixteen but knows for a fact that vaccines are poisons.

I’ll pass.

So those swallowing the conspiracy theories and going the antivax route are not only clogging up the ICUs and spreading the virus, they are becoming unwelcome anywhere. They are not wanted in clubs and restaurants and being banned from travel. More worryingly, they are a breeding ground for mutants. 32 new mutations have been found in South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong. There will be hundreds more as yet undetected. It only takes one to become more contagious and more lethal and we’re in trouble. On the other hand maybe one will become contagious and asymptomatic and the pandemic will fade.

It’s a risk.

They are predicting the death toll in Europe to pass two million by March!! We’ll see.

On a good note there is a new vaccine produced in Teeside that is protein-based and due to be approved soon. As this is based on ‘old technology’, ie. the same way all the old vaccines are made (not mRNA) it might prove more acceptable to the Luddite antivaxxers.

Until then, stay safe!! They will be writing about these times just like Defoe wrote about the Black Death plague years!!

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