The Corona Diaries – Day 607

It was sunny here in Yorkshire today. Although the wind had dropped the air was still cold. It didn’t matter though. I had my coat, scarf and hat. I was toasty.

I walked up to the top of my hill and surveyed the whole world. It wasn’t flat so I could not see all of it! I could see the sea. It looked cold. I could see the fields, now green with winter crops, and they looked barren apart from one lone crow.

A beautiful kestrel sat on the telephone wire and watched me. When I got too near it flew off. I wasn’t sure if winter, with the dying off of the undergrowth, made his job of catching mice and voles easier or harder. They would be easier to spot on this dead landscape, but would they venture out of their warm nests?

Meanwhile, in Coronaland, John Peachey sent me through a video of our mighty clown on US TV losing his place in his notes, looking like a complete twerp and mumbling about Peppa Pig.

An utter embarrassment and frightening situation.

The British People actually voted for this nincompoop. The whole world is laughing at us. A nation that was once considered serious and important is now seen as a place of stupidity and ridicule.

It’s on a par with Trump!

What is wrong with people??? Have we gone through a cloud of stupid gas???

The comments underneath say it all:

Can’t believe people have been voting for this party for over a decade XD

I’m not laughing. I’m angry that this IS OUR PRIME MINISTER.

the country is f*cked beyond all recognition & the best this guy can do is make comparisons to a fictional children’s TV character! Thanks to all the Conservative voters out there!

I feel so sorry for my Brits friends Just wondering: is this mad man able to lead one of the strongest countries in the world in this very delicate historical moment?

can’t decide if this is him genuinely losing the plot, or another attempt to present himself as a bumbling fool who is, nevertheless, one of the lads.

It leaves me feeling angry and incredibly sad. Boris Johnson sums up the total collapse of Britain into a silly little island still pretending to be important. He and his scummy friends are ripping us off while pulling the plug on every shred of credibility we ever had.

To think that we did actually hold together an Empire and won two world wars. People took notice of us. We had a leading economy. We’re now led by a silly bumbling fool and would have trouble defending ourselves against the Isle of Wight.

If this carries on much longer even the Isle of Wight will be looking to seek independence.

So, yesterday there were yet another 40,004 new cases with 61 deaths. We’re told that the levels are going down. Doesn’t look like it to me!! I wonder if the families of the 145,000 dead and hundreds of thousands with long covid, think this government is doing a good job???

Heavens – even Manchester United sacked Ollie Solskjaer, and he was doing a far better job that our Billy Bunter.

Abroad things are moving. Now the Greeks, Czechs and Slovaks are banning the unvaccinated from public areas.

Can that be justified?? Well, I suppose the reasons are that the unvaccinated are the ones getting seriously ill and clogging up the ICUs and morgues putting a huge strain on hospitals. If they mingle they will get ill and many will die or get extremely ill. The unvaccinated are also far bigger spreaders of the disease. Vaccinated people can still spread it but at far lower rates.

The Dutch PM calls the antilockdown violent protestors idiots.

Seems to me that the bulk of the human race are idiots and that these idiots are voting in even bigger idiots to lead them.

That cloud of idiot gas is going to finish us off!! Where the hell are the intelligent people???

Here, there is still no need for Plan B (they are probably still trying to think of one). Plan A is working fine. Lots of Tories are getting very rich.

Chris Witty says that we should all ventilate!! I’m breathing hard every time I hear what Boris Johnson is doing. If I opened a window I fear I might jump out!

Everything is hunky dory – it’s just that we are now being urged not to make any plans for Christmas!! That’s reassuring isn’t it!!

Stay Safe!!! The circus is still in town!!

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