The Corona Diaries – Day 605

It was a little colder today but the sun still shone as I went on my walk up my hill. I was watching the crows coming in to land on the telephone wires. Incredible the way they swoop in, apply the airbrakes and latch on to the wire. Such delicate mastery.

Back home I was playing some Velvet Underground and working on the Captain Beefheart book.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown is wobbling. He’s being found out. Around him, the rest of the profiteers might find the chickens are coming home to roost.

Rees-Mogg hasn’t just scammed us for £7 million from Brexit, he’s been doing it with Covid too!

£6 million loans not declared!!

It is quite unbelievable how much money these sleazy scammers have been making out of this. It’s not right!!

While we’ve been locking down, isolating and following rules they’ve been devising ways to make money out of it. Is that what we want from a government???

Yesterday there were another 44,237 new cases and another 157 deaths. Does that look like it’s coming down to you? Foreigners are not coming here because they do not like our laxness.

On the continent things are hotting up. As the virus takes off more measures are being brought in. They are going back into lockdown and a lot of people don’t like it. There were riots in Rotterdam and police opened fire!!

Heavens!! Is this what we’re coming to??

Fed by internet garbage people are behaving like nutters.

The WHO are very concerned with this new surge in Europe. Do we not lockdown and put up with thousands of deaths and hospitals overwhelmed??

In Austria they are bringing in compulsory vaccination. I bet that’s none too popular with a certain minority. But should it be compulsory? Should people be forced to protect others?

Personal freedoms and the good of the majority are coming under close test and scrutiny. Can a state decide these things? Are people just behaving stupidly?

It’s nuts.

It’s even more nuts in America. It seems it’s OK for seventeen-year-old kids to walk around with military assault rifles and actually kill people! They are properly insane. The right-wing has gone bananas.

Stay safe! Beware of Tories – they’re after your money!!

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