The Corona Diaries – Day 602

Bright and sunny and not too chilly in Yorkshire today. We went for a walk at the seaside! The sea was calm and Bridlington was empty!! We walked up on to the cliffs had a coffee and walked back!!

There’s something about the sea.

Back home I’ve been playing Ian Dury and writing my Beefheart book. All looking and sounding good!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the sleazy clown continues to squirm as more and more revelations come sliding out of the sewer that is the Tory Party. We’ve got millionaires working from the Caribbean, £3 million donations for peerages, untendered contracts totalling billions given out willy-nilly to Tory donors, we’ve got illegal lobbying, donations, holidays, free wine, wallpaper and donations for access.

Can anything become more corrupt???

So levelling up is going as well as Cop 26. The HS trains are pulled from the North and now we’ll get a dose of spin. All the agreements at Cop26 are Blah Blah Blah and bollock. Our clown in chief lectures everyone on needing to save the planet before hiring a private jet to fly him back for a dinner appointment! What’s the definition of a hypocrite?? What’s the definition of lies?? What’s the definition of taking everyone for a ride? What’s the definition of chancer? Of spin?

Our gasbag, fake Churchill, fake Trump and incompetent twat is leading us a merry game. He’s taken us out of Europe with an oven-ready deal that is breaking the country and making us a laughing stock. He’s borrowing so much money that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be paying it off. He’s feathering his own nest to the point where he’ll live in unbelievable luxury for the rest of his life. He’s a lying chancer of the first degree – an overprivileged conman of the Trump persuasion. Populist, fascist, racist, xenophobic crap with soundbites and spin!!

Bubble burst!!!

So, yesterday there were another 39,270 new cases (Coming down sharply – not!!) with 214 deaths. Germany is calling an emergency with 52,000 new cases ( less per capita than us!! – and that’s an emergency!). So we soldier on without guidance, without leadership and with a death toll that’s growing day by day. In the EU it’s mask, distancing ventilate and covid passports. In the UK it’s ‘let the bodies pile up!’

More and more sleaze comes out every day. Today it was reported that the notes on the awarding of untendered covid contracts worth hundreds of millions (awarded secretly by Johnson and ten of his cabinet) have all mysteriously gone missing.

A shredder in the basement of No. 10 has also mysteriously melted down.

Another revelation was that Randox, the company that Patterson was lobbying on behalf of, failed to deliver on its £133 million contract – but was mysteriously awarded another contract for £347 million!! Aaaah!! The power of illegal lobbying!!

Do I smell the whiff of corruption???

This isn’t like the small change of MP’s expenses that got some MPs imprisoned, is it? This isn’t tens of thousands. It’s not even millions. We are talking billions here!!

That is billions of pounds that have been paid to Tory donors out of public funds, that has been borrowed and will be paid back by the ordinary people for decades to come, decades of pay freezes and austerity. While all these Tory MPs and donors walk away with millions!!

My blood boils!!

Oh for a competent opposition! But then I’d vote for anyone if it meant getting rid of these sleazy, corrupt extremists!!

Stay safe!! Pay your extra taxes to your Tory masters. Doff your caps!!

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