The Corona Diaries – Day 601

Met up with friends for a meal today. Good to chat and share a meal and a beer – just like old times.

It meant that I did not have any time to take my usual walk. I stayed in wrote my Captain Beefheart book and played some Elvis Costello. All very pleasant.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the mountain of sleaze is beginning to topple. The amount these profiteers have been pulling in is astounding. They are using their platform of public office to ‘earn’ millions and then leaving to walk into massively lucrative posts!! The extent of the sleaze is unbelievable.

It seems that running the country is a part-time job and £81,932 is peanuts. On top of that, they receive around £61,000 worth of rent and expenses. That amounts to £143,000 for the job of an MP. Of course, a Cabinet Minister receives more!!

Most people would find an income of £143,000 quite reasonable. Over four times that of a nurse!! But for many MPs, this is merely the appetiser. The real income comes from other sources – lobbying, advisory roles and such.

One has to ask what it is that a company expects back in return when they are paying hundreds of thousands for a few hours ‘work’??? They don’t do things for nothing.

Then, after these MPs leave over half of them walk into an incredibly lucrative role in companies related to what they were doing in government. Osborne was telling Blackrock how to avoid paying millions in tax – coaching them on tax loopholes. Sounds treasonous to me. Cameron was using all his contacts to lobby parliament to get contracts and deals. These people are earning millions.

Surely, running the country should be a full-time job!

Surely, it is wrong to be earning vast sums of money for lobbying or advisory work?? Particularly if that is at the expense of the country!!

Surely, it is wrong to use the knowledge gathered in public service to gain a role after one’s left? Particularly if that undermines the public?

How many backhanders, bribes and promises are being many to MPs???

How were untendered contracts awarded???


This government is up to its neck in sleaze. There’s more coming out every day!!!

So, yesterday in Coronaland, we had another 39,270 new cases with 47 deaths. That certainly doesn’t sound much like it’s going down to me!! The continent is locking down again. Our stupid clown of a PM is talking about another wave of covid washing up on our shores from Europe when our current rates are twice as high as the other countries locking down! It’s probably our wave washing up on their shores!!

Some of those countries are locking down the unvaccinated.

Johnson’s answer to the high rates is to tell people to go and get a booster jab!! It’s not enough!! Nowhere near!!

Why aren’t they appearing regularly to give out advice?? Why aren’t they setting examples??? Mask wearing. Social distancing. Avoiding contacts. Ventilation. It’s not rocket science!

Why aren’t they on the TV countering all the stupid conspiracy theories, countering the antivaxxer stories??

Is it because they are too stupid? They don’t understand the science?? They can’t do simple maths?? They can’t be trusted to speak??

Or is it that they can’t be bothered?? That they really want people to catch it?? That herd immunity is the secret goal??

Where’s the honesty??

Is it all incompetence or something more sinister??

So stay safe!! Remember they need you to pay more tax so they can spaff it up the wall!!

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