The Corona Diaries – Day 599

We went in to Burton Agnes this morning for a mince pie and spiced chocolate and a look around the art gallery with its Gaugin, Pissarro’s and a range of other interesting stuff. always good for a browse.

A friend came around this afternoon and we had a pleasant time nattering. Apart from that I’ve been playing some Downliners Sect, good old 60s R&B, and writing some Captain Beefheart. Just completed all the official albums – now starting on the more dubious stuff.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tory ship of sleaze and corruption is beginning to sink. The jolly old incompetent captain – Billy Bunter the twerp – is being shown up s the conniving, lying sack of shite he’s always been. He might cultivate his ruffled hair and pretend to be a good fun guy, man of the people, but he’s really just a lying git feathering his own nest, promising the earth, having poncy Latin phrases and slippery catchphrases but delivering nothing other than window dressing.

Having robbed the poor through increased taxes and national insurance, so he could continue to give to the rich, he is going to pretend to level up.

Never has the country been so incredibly unequal. After a dozen years of Tory rule, they’ve bled the poor and public servants dry. We’ve had a decade of austerity why the wealthy stash their loot, tax-free, in the Cayman Isles. But the Mail, Express, Sun, Telegraph and Times paint a different picture. He who controls the media controls the minds.

So, we are told the rates are going down but with another 38,351 new cases yesterday and 157 more deaths that doesn’t look too likely. Looks to me as if it’s steady. As long as we are content with a thousand deaths a week they are happy.

On the continent they are bringing in stringent regulations for the unvaccinated. They will have to stay indoors while the vaccinated can go out. I suppose that’s the price to be paid. The unvaccinated are a strain on the health system and are spreading the virus more.

I notice that one of the government-approved testing firms (you know, the ones who were their donors and were given huge untendered contracts) is after selling the swab they have taken on to other firms. So our DNA is being sold on for profit. I don’t think anybody agreed to that, did they?

Stay safe!! Winter is coming!!

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