The Corona Diaries – Day 598

It was a lot warmer today – I know – I’m obsessed with temperature – but I don’t like the cold!!

We walked into Driffield in order to get our booster jabs. All went well. They stuck a spike in my arm but it didn’t hurt too bad. I’ve now got this radio going in my head. It’s like the vaccine has given my brain the power of detecting radio waves. Very useful. If only I could get it to tune to the right stations – like Doc at The Radar Station would be fine. I wish Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates would stop whispering in my ear though.

We walked back home after scones with lashing of jam and cream and a cup of creamy coffee. I’ve been working on the Beefheart book all afternoon and listening to a dollop of Townes Van Zandt.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland there is a glimmer of hope. Johnson’s bubble is busy bursting. His approval ratings are diving and Labour and Tories are now neck and neck. Just wait until after the winter when the reality of Brexit really hits home. The tax rises, rising prices, national insurance hike, soaring power prices and various shortages will start to hit home. We’ll see how much the British Public like all the wealth of the country being given to Tory donors and shoved tax-free into the Cayman Islands.

Johnson has been covering his incompetence up – blaming everything on the EU, claiming it’s all Coronavirus, saying there are worldwide supply problems and borrowing billions and billions to shore up the holes in the economy caused by Brexit. He can only get away with that for so long. The rest of the world aren’t suffering the same supply problems. They are laughing at us. They think we’re fools for electing such a stupid fool. We are. Brexit is a major mistake. Our prestige around the world has toppled. We were regarded highly. They now think we’re all crazy.

It’s the same in the USA. The useless idiot that Johnson models himself on – the Orange Dictator – he’s got away with murder. He incited an insurrection and is still walking free!! Unbelievable. Even worse is that there is a possibility that the nutcase could find himself elected again in 3 years time. The Republican Party is unrecognisable. It has been taken over by mad Trumpists with no morality who are busy rigging the system. Unless the Democrats start sorting things out there will never be democracy there again!! Voter suppression, rigging voting, putting in officials to miscall results. You’d think that the Republicans Trumpists had won the election. The Dems are running scared and letting them get away with it. Wake up America!!

Wake up UK!! Our own Trumplite is busy taking over institutions and rigging things over here and the gullible public are lapping up the lies and propaganda. It’s amazing that any of them, apart from Tory Donors who are doing very nicely, believe this chance of a conman is doing a good job.

We were in correspondence with someone who is an antivaxxer. They described having a vaccination as putting poison into their body. They said it was untested. That the long-term effects are unknown.

Sheer ignorance. People don’t understand science. I blame it on the education system. A vaccine stimulates your own immune system. It’s not putting any poison in your body. It is coaxing your own immune system to prepare to fight off the disease. The vaccine will be gone in days.

It is true that some people react badly and have an allergic reaction. That is true for any medicine. People die from aspirin and paracetamol. But worldwide the number of deaths from vaccines is around 20,000 (that may or may not be directly attributable to the vaccine). The number of deaths from covid is 5,108,246. I know which poses the greatest risk. 20,000 deaths (most of which would be due to factors that would have killed them anyway) are a tragedy but nowhere near as big a risk as catching covid. The risk of dying from not being vaccinated is thousands of times higher

There have been 7.41 doses of vaccine given worldwide. The hospitals are not full of people with adverse reactions to their jabs. They are full of people dying or being seriously ill from covid.

We’re in the midst of a major pandemic. We all have added risk of dying. The risk from not being vaccinated is so much greater – thousands of times greater.

Our antivaxxer believes that the immune system can be boosted to fight off viruses. Good luck. Try injecting yourself with smallpox, black death or polio and see if your immune system is good enough.

As for me. I have just had my third jab and I’ll take my chances with good science rather than mumbo jumbo. Mind you, I am eating well and taking vitamin D and C to boost my immune system. A healthy immune system can make a difference – nowhere near as good as a vaccine though. I would suggest looking at history and the enormous death rates from infectious diseases. Quack remedies did not seem very effective.

So, yesterday there were another 38,900 more cases with 157 deaths. Doesn’t sound like it’s going down to me!!

I thought it might be good to see how well our bungling government is doing compared to a few others:

The UK – 143,256 deaths

New Zealand – 33

Australia – 1,862

Singapore – 562

Spain – 87,673

Germany – 97,623

So we’ve had about 46,000 more deaths than Germany!!! But we’re an island and they’ve got massive porous borders. It should be much easier to control here – if the incompetent idiots hadn’t left our borders unchecked!!!

When do they expect this pandemic to be over???

The most optimistic think it’ll all be over next year in 2022. The most pessimistic are saying 2026!! In reality, nobody knows. It all depends on vaccines, medicines and mutations. We could get a killer variant or we could get a benign variant.

So stay safe!! We need to help protect the planet from the greedy pigs running the world!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 598

    1. Neil – Johnson goes with the wind. He’s a populist. He was a climate change denier a little while back.
      One day you are going to have to check reality. You really think that all these different countries are after taking this action because they want to?? Your conspiracy theory is nonsense. You must realise that by now.

      1. Opher,

        The Indians don’t want to take “climate action.” Nor the Chinese. Nor the Russians. Nor the Iranians. For now, they are sugar-coating their objections; perhaps because they don’t want to admit that they were fooled by all the hype. And because they are, perhaps, still hoping that Western politicians will be idiot enough to put a few trillions of our money their way. (Money which we don’t have).

        There’s no conspiracy, Opher; not any more, at any rate. Maybe there might have been one in the early 1980s, but I’d need to look more into it.

        You got the presentation I sent you, “Data and Observational Evidence?” Please send five specific, checkable rebuttals to points it makes. If you can’t do that, it’s your theory that is nonsense, not mine.

      2. Lol Neil. I don’t think it is that that don’t want to. It’s more that they can’t. They are too dependent. It would need major infrastructure changes.

      3. No Opher, I reiterate – these countries don’t want to take these actions. Even the elites there realize that they can’t take “climate action” without throwing their entire countries into poverty. And they don’t want to do that, because it would get them booted out on their ears.

        It’s only arrogant morons like Johnson, and Sharma, and Biden that think they can get away with forcing that stuff on the people they are supposed to “represent.” They think that, when Western economies go pear-shaped as a result, and ordinary people start starving or freezing to death, it won’t affect them because they can continue to live off others. It’s Marie Antoinette syndrome all over again; and look what happened to her!

      4. I agree with you about the wealthy elite.
        Global warming is very real. It’s an existential threat not just for us but all life on this planet.
        To move from energy production based on coal, oil and gas is difficult. We are already doing it. Renewables are cheaper but it requires a great deal of infrastructure and that takes time to put in and costs money. That is the main stumbling block. That is why they can’t commit.
        Then we have those countries like Saudi, Russia and Australia that are making a fortune out of coal, oil and gas.

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