The Corona Diaries – Day 593

Beautifully sunny here this morning when I took my walk. Blue skies and a view over to the sea. I kicked my way through fallen leaves like I was a kid again.

Back home I’ve been doing chores – mowing the grass! Mowing bloody grass in November? Feels more like early October!

I’ve been working on my Captain Beefheart book and playing some Jefferson Airplane.Great stuff.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland it’s more of the same – an undiluted diet of corruption and cronyism.

I quite fancied being in the House of Lords – Lord Opher of Nafferton. I’d look great in all that ermine. I checked my bank account but I seemed to be lacking the £3 million donation to the Tory Party necessary for a peerage.

It seems that to rule the land you have to be a wealthy Tory donating toff or a hereditary peer who brown-nosed up to aristocracy. The idea that we’re a democracy seems rather spurious under this lot.

I thought we were after banning the unelected Lords? But no, it seems that the government can give out peerages as backhanders to wealthy supporters – who, of course, expect nothing back in return.

Selling Britain by the pound. A slow creep of untendered contracts, lucrative salaries and revolving doors. So useless, not so bright MPs, like Owen Ames, who his own party called Woodentop, receive bonus salaries from firms in three figures for a few hours ‘work’. I bet I know a few tens of millions of British people who would love to get payouts like that for a few hours ‘work’. Most of us work 40+ hours a week (not me anymore I’m retired) of real hard work for a fraction of that. So what do these companies get for paying these advisory salaries to these MPs? What do they get in return? It’s corrupt!!

We’ve seen it with Osborne and Cameron – Greenswill for Cameron 0n a salary of millions, for George it was a role as a part-time advisor to BlackRock, the world’s largest fund manager, for a salary of £650,000 for a one-day a week.

Hey – I wouldn’t mind a £7 million bonus Mr Cameron!!! Hey Mr Osborne – how exactly do you get a job earning £650,000 for one day a week?? Wasn’t that by using your insider knowledge of the treasury to advise them how to save tens of millions of taxes?? So you basically cost the taxpayers millions of pounds? Isn’t that treason??

So should MPs have second jobs? Or be able to give state secrets or privileges to firms to enable them to avoid taxes or gain unfair advantages?? Isn’t that morally and criminally wrong??? Should these MPS be allowed to swan off into lucrative posts using the state secrets they have learnt or because of favours given?

It stinks.

Doesn’t running the country require full attention? Isn’t it a full-time job? Isn’t the salary sufficient?? I think most of the population would be very glad of a job that paid £82,000 with numerous perks – food, travel, expenses. A cabinet minister gets an extra £67,000 on top of that. How come they are allowed to receive vast sums from outside businesses for favours?? It’s simply wrong!!!

This brings the whole arena of lobbying, untendered contracts, favours for donations, rewards after leaving post and all the other grubby little deals into the spotlight. Never have we had so much corruption and sleaze. It’s not just wallpaper, wine, meals and holidays. It goes much much further than that.

We’re becoming a banana republic. Everything’s for sale!! Cronyism is rife.

If only I had that £3 million I could make an absolute killing!!

How much is a nurse worth again?? £24,000?? Small change for Boris. He’d spend that on a luxury holiday! (Though of course, he’d never have to pay a penny of it!).

So yesterday, in the land of sleaze presided over by the shambling clown King Corrupt, we had 29,843 new cases with 62 deaths – a great improvement. Are we past the peak?

Just think, when the numbers do become low, if only we had a good Track and Trace system we could eradicate it! If only?

As the slow booster roll-out proceeds people are urged to come forward for vaccination – particularly the elderly and those who are not yet vaccinated. Lots of elderly are beginning to clog up hospitals. Hospitals are already at their peak winter bed occupancy and we’re not in Winter yet.

I bet that Johnson and Patel are regretting kicking out all those highly experienced nurses and doctors under their hostile environment and Brexit fury. The carers and fruit and veg pickers to. We’re going to find everything a lot worse yet!!

So, check your coffers for a few million to give to that nice Brois for a spot of ermine!! Stay safe!! Get vaccinated or ventilated! Your choice!! Don’t clog up what’s left of the NHS! Stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 593

  1. Agree but you have omitted to consider the expenses available and claimed by most MPs. including salaries for employing family members. I would love to be able to buy new technology, food, have my rent paid for a 2nd home and employ my friends courtesy of the taxpayer.

    1. Quite agree. Their expenses and other employment while a serving MP need fully overhauling. It is a full-time job. Accommodation should be provided for them to work in London. They get far too many perks and these corrupt advisory roles are obscene. Should be stamped on hard!

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