The Corona Diaries – Day 591

It wasn’t so cold today but very cloudy and windy. The grey clouds were scudding across the sky and leaves showering down. A lot of trees are nearly bare. The crows were playing on the wind, enjoying themselves hanging in the air and swooping around.

I’ve spent the day writing my Beefheart book, listening to Van Morrison (and Beefheart) and catching mice (well at least one more of the critters). I went for my customary walk up my hill and released my unwanted guest in the woods where he’ll either meet up with his mates who I released there earlier or be eaten by an owl, kite or kestrel – maybe a fox. All part of nature’s rich tapestry.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, I was listening to John Major savage Boris Johnson. He basically called him a corrupt incompetent liar. But then we knew that.

It comes to something when you have to rely on the Tories to form the opposition to the Tories!! There is a civil war in the Tory ranks; the reasonable, moderate Tories – as exemplified by the likes of Rory Stewart, Philip Hammond and Ken Clarke, were all ousted by the extreme wing of the racist, xenophobic extreme nationalists of the ERG. We have ended up with the most extreme right-wing government this country has ever seen with a shambolic, lying clown of a conman chance as its leader, following a populist agenda based on Donald Trump’s modus operandi and methods. It is just like the Republican party has been taken over by the crackpots of the Tea Party and Trumpist racists.

Quite scary really. Not only is it corrupt and full of sleaze it’s becoming so cavalier with its lawbreaking that we are moving towards a totalitarian form of fascism. A party with this majority who have no constraints and remains unaccountable is a very worrying thing. It was interesting to hear John Major catalogue the extent of their lies and corruption – also scary.

The sooner people wake up to the threat and damage caused by this populist bunch of nutcases the better.

Kick Starmer out and bring in someone who will provide a proper opposition!!

So today there were 34,029 new cases with 193 deaths with 1.27 million currently having the disease. It is apparently coming down. The major reason is that school kids are not getting the virus in the same numbers. Dare we suggest that so many have had it that we are approaching herd immunity?? I hope so!

The booster vaccine program is gathering speed. That will add to the herd immunity for whole population.

The problem with herd immunity with this virus is that it is short-lived. Immunity seems to diminish quite quickly. Within 6 months it has gone. That might well pose problems for the future. In six months time we could be in another wave. The number of anti-vaxxers provides a reservoir of virus to reinfect the population. There is also a diminished but real spread of the virus from vaccinated people and those who have had the disease. This does not bode well.

The new antiviral drugs, such as the Pfizer one, seem to hold out most hope for us getting back to normality.

The biggest problem we have is complacency. Too many idiots think this is over. When they see a waning number they throw away all caution. They play into the hands of the virus. The virus loves us not ventilating, not distancing, not being vaccinated, not wearing masks.

The question we should maybe ask is whether this tiny virus is more intelligent than the bulk of human beings?? Certainly a whole bunch of people are acting like morons!!

Stay safe!! The morons aren’t only in parliament – they live all around!!

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