The Corona Diaries – Day 589

It’s turned very chilly. We’ve got a north wind and chill air. I worked on my Captain Beefheart book all morning and went for a walk in the afternoon. I caught another mouse and released it up the hill. At the top of the hill there were sweeping clouds and clear views with a section of a rainbow out to the coast. I knocked the last apple down off our wild tree. Scrumped apples always taste better. We can have apples sitting in the fruit bowl untouched for days but nabbing a wild one tastes so much better.

Back home I’ve been reacquainting myself with The Last Poets. What a radical bunch. They’re great.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the same old corruption and sleaze continue. The Tories are so arrogant they think they can do anything. With an 80 seat majority, they really believe they don’t have to bother following rules or laws, national or international. If they don’t like something they simply do what they like. Laws?? Break ’em or make new ones!

I think it’s what comes with their privileged backgrounds. They believe they are superior to everyone else; they do not have to follow the same rules.

Owen Paterson was found guilty of illegally lobbying. He was making a cool £100,000 a year for doing very little. When found guilty by the committee Boris Johnson decided to back him anyway. After all, what’s a little grubby money-making. £100,000 is small change in his world. So he put a three-line whip on and changed the rules.

It’s unbelievable really. Sleaze and corruption are openly sanctioned now by this government.

We were going to have a committee made up of Tory MPs deciding on the fate of one of their own.

It all blew up in Johnson’s face and Paterson resigned.

If the system needs overhauling then overhaul it. They’ve had plenty of time. This was just all too blatant. Even many Tory MPs couldn’t swallow it.

British politics is rock bottom. We have the most extreme, lousiest government in the history of the country and an opposition that is totally ineffective.

The only reason this bunch haven’t already been kicked out is because of Brexit. The nationalistic fervour whipped up caused such division and hatred. Now, in the aftermath, despite the fact that all of project fear is becoming real, people have bought into the lies to such an extent that they refuse to admit it. Johnson brought Brexit in and they still support him.

Who could have believed that this country would have lurched so far to the right? It is like turkeys voting for Christmas. What on earth makes working-class people think that this bunch of Eton schoolboys possibly represents their views or wants to make their lives better? Do they still believe that Brexit will improve their lives and make the country wealthier? If so they must be mad. I can understand people saying that they don’t trust the EU and that the big hit we take by leaving is worth it. I can’t believe anybody really swallowed the lies about achieving better trade deals and greater wealth. That’s simply a lie.

Johnson and this bunch of ERG maniacs are to the right of Thatcher. They are busy wrecking the place and profiteering on the side. How many millions did Rees-Mogg make out of Brexit??

We’ll see if the promises of Cop26 are sufficient and are translated into enough action to prevent calamity. Time will tell.

So yesterday there were another 41,299 new cases with 217 deaths. It’s on the increase in every area of the UK bar one. The rate has gone up from 0.83% to 1.72%. Van-Tam is saying it might be a hard winter. Other scientists are saying it might have peaked. Boy Johnson is saying ‘Who cares?’

The good news is that an antiviral drug Molnupiravir has been approved. It is effective at preventing mild cases developing into severe and may be a game-changer for the vulnerable in preventing death.

Next week many carers, who are refusing the vaccine, will find themselves without a job. Soon it will be the NHS staff too. The antivaxxer campaign has spread misinformation and created fear and death. Shame. People caring for others need to be vaccinated in order to keep others safe.

How many million have to be vaccinated before people finally accept it might be safe??

Stay safe! We’re living in the dark ages.

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