Poetry – Who are they?

Who are they?

Who are the shadowy figures who pull the strings?

The powerful movers who lurk in the wings?

The ones who create the world the way it is?

The ones who give all thoughts about fairness a miss?

Presiding over poverty and war

Orchestrating power games –

Evil to the core.

Just think how the world might be

If we were allowed true equality?

Instead of hypocrites who use religion and politics

To control the minds of a disadvantaged public.

Opher – 23.6.2019

The world is controlled by those with the wealth. They control those with power in an unholy alliance. They buy the politicians, the parties and the laws that suit them, and make democracy a sham. They control the media and influence minds.

Yes there is fake news. No it is not the fake news Trump is talking about.

They like instability, war and inequality. They can profit from it. They promote consumerism and celebrity. It distracts and is profitable. They like the world just as it is – a mess. And they don’t mind if nature is destroyed in the process just as long as they come out of it with plenty of cash.

What a sad way to run a planet!

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