The Corona Diaries – Day 568

October is settling in to a dry but chilly period. Fortunately it’s not too cold. We are having to have a new boiler put in so there is no heating, all the doors are wide open and there’s a breeze blowing through the house. An expensive job!

It also means that I’m kept busy making cups of coffee for the guys but I have been able to play a bit of music and do a lot of writing on the Beefheart book. It’s just stressful.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown is away on holiday pretending to be Churchill, painting his water-colours and avoiding talking to anyone, taking any responsibility.

This is the government tactic; they just say nothing, refuse to appear on any programs where they might be challenged, assume the public all have the minds of a goldfish and everything goes straight over their heads. It seems to work for them too! They really do think we’re stupid! They must all be laughing all the way to the bank.

so, today we had another 42,776 new cases with another 136 deaths. It takes the total over 138,000!

We have people stranded in foreign countries due to the failure of the app.

We have a Brexit crisis with a lack of workers in numerous industries causing chaos.

We have a Brexit crisis with a collapse in exports.

We are drowning in red-tape.

Prices are rocketing. Cuts are hitting. Taxes are rising.

We have a report by MPs claiming that the government’s handling of covid has been the worst public health failure in UK history.

The government response??? Firstly they deny it. Johnson daubs some colour on a canvas and ignores it. Dowden says he’s very sorry they didn’t get everything right.

Nobody goes on TV to put their case or be cross-examined!! Cowards!!

Didn’t get everything right??? You must be joking. They didn’t get anything right!! If it hadn’t been for the scientists and NHS getting the vaccine together we would all have been absolutely buggered.

No doubt they will all crawl off into their holes until the heat dies down. No doubt the stupid electorate will brush it off too!! THE WORST PUBLIC HEALTH FAILURE IN UK HISTORY!!! And they are going to get away with it!!!

A NIGHTMARE BREXIT!!! And they are getting away with it!!

So the NHS, deprived of all those doctors and nurses driven away by ‘the hostile environment’, plus the ones that have died of covid, rewarded with pay cuts, are looking at a perfect storm of a winter. The government have let covid rip and the opening up of the country is likely to create a major flu epidemic. Great stuff.

You can trust the NHS in Tory hands!!

Stay safe!! Winter cometh!!

3 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 568

    1. Really Shreya. I love India. I’ve only been twice but it was a lot warmer than here. Bit chaotic here at the moment and politically mad!!

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