The Corona Diaries – Day 562

I walked up my hill in the bright sunshine and a temperature of 20 degrees. Not bad for October. I could have been back in shorts. The sea was a bit hazy. A kestrel took off from the telegraph wire and took to hovering over the fields searching for lunch. There was the squawk of a pheasant and a warning call or two from the odd bird in the hedge. I’m not very good at bird sounds.

It’s Autumn. The land is dying back, many of the trees are just beginning to change colouir, the odd leaves are falling, our virginia creeper has turned red.

Back home I’ve been playing some Janis Joplin and writing my Beefheart book. I managed to get five pages written. Not bad. A long way to go.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tory lies and pervading arrogant blathering continues, bouyed up by their position in the polls. Boris Johnson, the slathering, blathering clown, ruffles up his hair, talks bollocks, makes jokes and gabbles slogans and they all love him. They think the nasty conniving conman is wonderful. They don’t care that he’s an incompetent, lazy twat who is wrecking the country, robbing everyone and causing mass poverty; they think he’s a jolly loveable teddy bear.

Heaven help us. These Tories will have stripped the country bare before we get rid of them – if we ever get rid of them. The BBC will be a Tory propaganda machine along with every paper in the country. They’ll control hearts and minds, reorganise the borders, jettison Scotland and be impregnable. It will be a totalitarian state – no protest allowed, no opposition, and wall to wall lies.

What a prospect. Heaven help the poor. They are sheep to the slaughter begging to be shot through the head.

Brexit – we love it! Make Britain Great!! Global Britain!! Trade Deals the envy of the world! Prosperity for all!!

In your dreams. The reality is that we’re all screwed so that those twats can make money!!

Yesterday there was another 39730 new cases with 122 deaths. Seems we are quite happy with a 1000 deaths a week!!

The government likes to pretend everything is just great. They have opened up travel with the red list going down from 54 to 7 and an end to PCR tests. The previously inaccurate lateral flow tests have now miraculously improved!!

Everything in Britain is great!! We might be dying off at a 1000 a week, families might be freezing and starving, shelves might be empty and huge queues at petrol stations but hey, this is Global Britain!! The profiteers are running off to the Caymans with millions!! All is well!!

Chuck away your masks it’s back to normal!! Die for Boris!! It’s the only way to be”!!

Stay safe!! I’m wearing my mask!! These people are pillocks!!

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