Poetry – What if?

What if?

What if we are not alone?

If we are not the greatest intelligence?

Not top of any tree?

What if we are not the chosen ones?

If we are just another animal

Of no more importance

Than the smallest ant?

What difference would that make to our lives?

Opher 1.5.2019

I feel a great sadness that we are the only hominid left upon this planet; that there are no other intelligent beings around for us to converse with and discuss philosophy.

How sad that the Neanderthals, with their bigger brains, were wiped out and we can no longer argue over the great questions.

How sad that we have not yet discovered intelligent life out there in the stars.

For I think that if we had encountered greater intelligence than ourselves it would have had a profound effect upon us. We would no longer be able to consider ourselves special, superior and apart from the rest of animal kind. We would just be another species among the millions – of no great importance. All our arrogance would be nowt.

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