The Corona Diaries – Day 561

I went off to my writing group this morning. It was quite warm out. I left the hat and scarf in the hall. By the time I got out at lunch-time it was hot. The sun was out. We’re talking T-shirt weather again!!

I was told that Hull was the warmest place in the country. Sure felt like it.

I went for a walk this afternoon and listened to some Fairport Convention. I do love Sandy Denny’s voice.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Johnson is arrogantly ignoring the crises gripping the country and putting on an bouyant air of great optimism. Well well not? The fools were still supporting him despite all the blathering, blunders and corruption. Why wouldn’t he be cock-a-hoop? He obviously thinks they are going to continue to support him even while they starve to death!

He’s still coming out with the same old bollocks. It seems that all the problems we have are simply global issues or minor blips in the Brexit process. He’s moving us to a high-wage economy where we don’t depend on cheap foreign labour.

Hey up. He says that’s what we voted for. Well I bloody didn’t for a start. And I doubt too many people voted for a pay cut, higher taxes, higher national insurance, higher prices and cuts in benefits and wages.

Wasn’t Brexit meant to produce lower prices, put money into the NHS, and make us better off??

I can’t see how pay freezes for millions of public servants, benefit cuts and job losses is interpreted as a high wage economy. That’s utter bollocks.

What is really happening is that the delays and tariffs are going to result in much higher prices and shortages.

He is doing his usual – talking bollocks, bigging things up and coming out with blathering nonsense.

So cutting a scheme paying a bonus of £5000 to teachers willing to teach in deprived areas and replacing it with a scheme to offer £3000 is seen as ‘Levelling Up’. Bollocks. That is cutting the bonus by £2000. Does he think we’re all stupid?

Yes he does.

What does he base that on? He bases it on the fact that we voted for Brexit, we voted for him and we continue to support him and his corrupt, sleazy colleagues. It doesn’t matter how much they are taking us for a ride. We don’t care. Ergo we are stupid.

You can’t argue with his logic. He may be bumbling, inept and useless but if he ruffles up his hair and talks positively he knows that morons love him.

I despair.

So yesterday there were 40,701 new cases – rising substantially. The last time we saw that number was a year ago. There were another 143 deaths.

But that’s OK folk. The government don’t mind, if you don’t.

For political reasons, to boost Johnson’s popularity, he wants us to think the pandemic is over, all is well and we’re back to normal. We can go and travel. The red list countries have gone down from 46 to just 7. Isn’t he great? Johnson beat Covid-19 with his wonderful immunisation program.

Except he didn’t – that was the NHS. He was responsible for giving £billions to his chums, wasting £billions of things that didn’t work – apps, T&T, moonshots and guff, locking down too late, opening up too early and all those silly schemes. Complacency and panic. That’s why we’re eighth worse in the world and even the third world countries with their squalor and poverty performed far better than us!!

But he’ll ruffle his hair and tell how great he is – a Churchillian figure, no less!!

Kids in schools are going back to wearing masks, we have another 143 deaths, army is delivering petrol, we’ll get used to not being able to get many things, and we asked for pay cuts and price rises. All good!!

I had to laugh reading the reports on invermectin, the wonder drug being pushed by nutty antivaxxers. It seems that these fools are completely OK with believing what they read on the web. Who believes scientists or experts anymore, right? We won’t take a scientifically proven vaccine but we will dose ourselves with a rather nasty horse wormer. After all, an anti-parasitic worm drug for horses is bound to be safe for humans.

The fact that the scientific investigation into invermectin was flawed with proven fraud and errors is irrelevant. They know the horse wormer works because it says so on the web!!

It’s no wonder the USA has the worst record for covid deaths in the whole world. The Trumpist fools would rather believe in bleach, UV and invermectin than a scientifically tested vaccine. That’s why they are all dying. Trump is fully vaccinated though. He’s not using bleach, UV or invermectin. He’s not stupid. He made billions out of the Presidency. He’s a great con-artist.

Drain the swamp!! Ho Ho!!!

Stay safe!! Keep clear of invermectin, bleach and UV. Get vaccinated!!

9 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 561

      1. That was interesting – and certainly worthy of more research. Unfortunately not borne out by other studies. I find it strange that people are much more willing to put their trust in untested products like Invermectin with very dubious research history than in very sound science which has been fully tested on billions of people.
        I think there’s a mindset. It’s very Trumpian. We won’t believe the experts; we’d rather believe the quacks.
        As a scientist I’ll go for the proper science every time. If and when invermectin is properly investigated and found to be effective I’m sure the NHS will sanction it. Until then I’ll go for my booster jab. I know that works. The data is clear. I know it’s safe. The data is clear. I’m nowhere near as convinced by any other treatments.

      2. Ohper, Tubularsock isn’t against you taking the shot and the booster and the booster you’ll need after that and the booster you’ll need after that and the ………..

        That is up to you.

        The fact that it doesn’t prevent catching the decease or from passing it to others is interesting BUT its seeming ability to lesson the effect of Covid and prevent one from dying from it is an advantage unless you’re someone who dies from the shot. Which thousands have or someone whose side effects have injured them for the rest of their lives.

        That could be a drag.

        In fact, in the U.S. more people have died from the shot than have died from every vaccine given in the history of vaccines in the U.S.

        Or so “they” say. I never trust statistics much anymore no matter who is putting them out. But this is out there.

        I know you believe in science as I do BUT this SHOT is not science …. IT IS PROFIT!

        And science historically has never done well when a scientist’s funding only comes IF WHAT IS BEING STUDIED RESTS ON “CORRECT” RESULTS!

        AND ALL PHARMA STUDIES DEMAND THE “CORRECT” RESULTS! Even if it kills thousands of people …… don’t think so? Check out the Opioid Crisis in the U.S. where the major pharmaceutical giants cared not for killing people to save their profits!

        And on top of that this “virus” wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the “gain of function” research the U.S. funded in China. Just how stupid is that?

        As for Ivermectin it has been used for over forty years as an Anti-parasite cure. And has been successful against Covid in India and Africa as well as many countries including the U.S. but here you have to get it from the underground because it works.

        And it too has side effects but DEATH isn’t one of them.

        You see in this democracy ONLY THE STATE SHOT is allowed for EVERYONE!

        Cheers and stay safe.

      3. Lol Tub – I’m always open to ideas but I’ve been looking closely at what is going down. The hos[pitals are not full of people suffering from side effects of the vaccine or dying from it. The stats for side effects and death are extremely low. They are full of people severely ill and dying because they weren’t vaccinated. There are many many more people dying or being severely affected for life from catching covid than from taking the vaccine.
        In the UK we don’t have any cost for treatment. The government has nothing to gain. I think there has been a Trumpist reaction, particularly in the States, that anything the administration says and does is bullshit. I don’t buy into that. I am more discerning. Some of what they say is bullshit. As a scientist I look at the evidence.
        The jury is out on invermectin. A lot of the info is politically distorted, inflated and played about with. I don’t trust any of it.
        The NHS would use anything that worked. We don’t have this Big Pharma paranoia the same as you.
        The vaccines are safe and have made an enormous difference. They are tried and tested.
        Yes you can still get ill after vaccination – but not so severely. Few have got very ill and those are mainly old and frail.
        Yes you can still pass it on – but at a much reduced level. People who are vaccinated are much safer for others.
        That’s science.
        I’ll take my booster and feel a lot safer and I won’t worry at all about side effects. The chances are far too slim to bother me. It’s more dangerous on the roads.

    1. More than a third of 26 major trials of the drug for use on Covid have serious errors or signs of potential fraud. None of the rest show convincing evidence of ivermectin’s effectiveness.

      Dr Kyle Sheldrick, one of the group investigating the studies, said they had not found “a single clinical trial” claiming to show that ivermectin prevented Covid deaths that did not contain “either obvious signs of fabrication or errors so critical they invalidate the study”.

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