The Corona Diaries – Day 560

Started off cold and horrible but by late morning the sun broke through, it felt warm and we had a glorious day.

We drove over to Hester’s i n Yarm, the scenic route, stopping at Sutton Bank for a walk, then at the Lord Stones. Beautiful.

Stuffed ourselves with an Indian curry washed down with a malbec.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our lying overlords were hyping up the spin. It seems we are not siphoning the wealth into the pockets of the rich, they are not a bunch of self-serving sleazy liars after all. They are looking to level up and create a high wage economy. They are breaking the cycle of cheap labour from the EU.

Could have fooled me.

What they really mean is get used to higher prices and shortages. You’re going to pay the price for voting for Brexit.

Our arrogant Bullingdon overlords think that the plebs will fall for it. After all they’ve been doing the most sleazy cronyism and inept government ever but are still ahead in the polls and have an 80 seat majority.

You still hear the bleating from the sheep: ‘he’s been dealt a bad hand,’ ‘nobody else could have done it better’, and ‘I like Boris,’ They are laughing behind their sneering faces!!

So, we have another 39,851 new cases with 143 deaths. It’s getting worse.

How good a job have these clowns done – a supposedly wealthy country with top notch health care – they’ve killed 137,278 people. That’s the eighth worst record in the world.

USA (courtesy of Trump and a politicised response with half the country antivaxxers) is top. Then it’s Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia, Peru, Indonesia and us!! 8th out of 1555 – that’s how bad we are! A good number of those 155 countries have only a handful of deaths.


No. We did badly because we were ill-prepared, complacent, shut down too late, didn’t monitor and control borders, piled sick people into care homes, opened up too early, did silly schemes, gave contracts to chums instead of competent people and have useless track and trace, allowed the delta variant in from India and never learnt a single lesson.

This bunch of nincompoops are out of their depth, useless, sleazy, overprivileged, arrogant fools!!

Stay safe! We voted them in! They are busy destroying the country!

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