The Corona Diaries – Day 556

It’s a bit of a change since yesterday. The temperature has dropped and it is now raining. Fortunately I got a walk in this morning before the rain set in.

Hats, coats and gloves – feels like winter.

Incredibly I noticed that the fields were already turning green. They have only just been ploughed and drilled yet everything is sprouting!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the mad capitalists are in control. Johnson announced on Newsnight last night that people don’t matter – only money.

So let the bodies pile up, let the poor starve, as long as the wealthy are making lots of money. That’s all that matters. The gaffe-meister reveals his own nastiness every time he opens his mouth. So many people still think that this cynical con-artist is all jolly and nice; he’s a conniving git out to make a packet out of all of us. Not only that but he is lazy, uncaring and incompetent.

So yesterday there were another 34,589 new cases with 127 deaths.

We could be nearing the end of this pandemic though. Vadic have just brought out a new test that gets results in 15 minutes and will determine if you’re infectious. That could prove useful. So far it’s only been tested on a thousand people – but there were no false positives. Then there is this new pill that seemingly reduces the risk of serious illness by 50%. If that is true it could really help.

We will only be clear of the threat either if everyone is successfully vaccinated or we get a treatment that will stop the disease developing into a serious condition.

When this is all over there should be a public enquiry into how effective the government has been.

That enquiry should investigate:

a. Were we properly prepared?

b. Were we too complacent at the beginning – ignoring what was going on in China and then in Italy?

c. Were we too slow to lockdown, too slow to adopt masks and too slow to take it seriously?

d. Should there have been tighter border controls?

e. Did they open up too early with schemes like ‘eat out to help out’?

f. Should there have been clearer instructions and reasons?

g. Were the Care Homes protected?

h. Did the government lead by example?

i. Could the average baboon have done better?

Of course the Tories want a different type of enquiry:

a. Did they manage to get enough £billions robbed off the poor to give to their chums or could they have given out more untendered contracts?

b. Will they all walk into lucrative enough careers after parliament?

c. Have they used Covid well enough to cover up the mess of Brexit?

d. Will they be able to avoid a proper scrutiny of their appalling performance?

e. Have they managed to dupe the public?

Time will tell what will happen.

Stay safe!!

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