The Corona Diaries – Day 554

It feels like winter is here. The temperature has dropped, it’s raining, cold and miserable. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Autumn or Winter. It feels as if the light and heat are fading from the world. I like it hot!

I took myself off to my writing group. It’s a really interesting bunch of great writers and interesting people – so that raised my spirits. It’s great being out of covid sufficiently to be able to meet up again with fully vaccinated people. One of our group is a vaccine refuser so no longer comes. Sad.

Back home I went for a little walk in a drizzle and then came home, played some Elvis Costello, and have been busy writing my Captain Beefheart book. Making some progress but it is a daunting task!!

Meanwhile, out in the madness of Coronaland, the political intrigue continues. My car was out of petrol and I had to fill up. That was madness. I had to queue for ages, most of the pumps were out and the price had shot up. I popped in to the supermarket and there were still empty shelves with some things no longer available. The cost of a shop is up too.

People on the continent must be pissing themselves laughing at us. Not only have we got a bumbling scruffy clown as a Prime Minister backed up by a bunch of the most arrogant supercilious profiteers, busy taking us all for mugs, but the country is going to pieces in front of our eyes. We’ve had to get the army in delivering to supermarkets and now garages. We’ve got salary cuts, benefit cuts, soaring prices, energy costs going through the roof, shortages and tax hikes.

The government and media is trying to make out that this is due to global conditions and covid. It’s not. The EU are not suffering like this this.

They tell us that it will soon get better. It won’t. The Yellowhammer report predicted this would happen with a hard Brexit and it predicted that there is a lot worse to come.

Brexit is like bashing your own brains out with a hammer!!

Not only that – but these fools in charge are incapable of taking any action to stop the worst effects happening. They’ve known that this HGV crisis was going to happen for two years. What have they done about it? Nothing!

They also know about all the other shortages and are making no preparations. It’s going to be crisis after crisis. Instead of preemption they’ll be fire-fighting.


The stick to their stupid racist, xenophobic anti-EU ideology and create chaos.

The only people in the UK laughing are the wealthy bankers with their bonuses and the wealthy Tory donors with their juicy contracts.

People like Rees-Mogg, who was pushing for a hard Brexit and has walked away with a cool £7 million out of it, should be locked up!! They are causing untold misery for millions!! He knows which side his bread is buttered on. Many people don’t have any bread let alone butter.

They put forward this face of superiority and competence are are just looking after themselves!!

It’s corrupt.

So, we have another 36,722 new cases this week with another 150 deaths. That’s 36,722 more excuses for this appallingly inept and cynical government to hide its incompetence behind. There are just so many crises, so many different stats, so many different issues, that they are looking to confound the public in the fog of confusion.

‘Who could have done any better?’

‘Who could have see this coming?’

‘Nobody knew how to deal with a pandemic, did they?’

The answers are that just about anybody could have done it better. This government has been useless from start to finish. They’ve been complacent, panicked and chucked huge sums of money at their friends with nothing to show for it – PPE that doesn’t work, T&T that doesn’t work, Apps that are useless – all costing a fortune with wasted money going to their chums.

The answer is that everybody saw it coming. We’ve been talking pandemics for decades. There were speeches by the likes of Obama. There was even a government report outlining what to do – the Cygnet report. They just chose to ignore it. Like they ignored what was happening in Wuhan, then China, then on the continent. They even ignored it when it was happening here!!

The answer is that people did know how to deal with a pandemic and most countries have dealt with it a lot better than we have. Out response has been useless, killed 137,000 and badly damaged the economy, when it could have been handled much better.

When will people open their eyes, see the lies for what they are and realise that they have been well and truly conned by a bunch of self-serving, overprivileged, extremist twerps???

Stay safe!! The worst is yet to come.

Let the bodies pile up. Let the economy crash. It’s the poor that will pay the price!!

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