The Corona Diaries – Day 551

Strange day today. Having our son back home is peculiar. Probably a lot harder for him than it is for us. The house is now full of all his stuff including a 7 foot slate-bed snooker table. It weighs a ton! It took four of us to carry the slate in. We could not lift it.

This morning it was a lot cooler and then we had this downpour like a tropical storm and all the power went down. Global warming is really starting to bite.

Our priority right now is to get our son settled and get the house back to a semblance of order.

I went for a walk up my hill this afternoon and had a friend over for a chat and to play a bit of music. Felt a bit strange in the afternoon! I’m not used to socialising. I think I’ve become a bit of a hermit.

I’ve been playing quite a lot of Phil Ochs and have started organising and writing the Captain Beefheart book. It’s a bit daunting.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, there is complete chaos. Brexit is beginning to bite in a big way. Not only have we got a problem with insufficient HGV drivers we seem to have shortages in every other industry. The government of nitwits and nincompoops seem totally incapable of dealing with it. They are the epitome of useless. All of this was perfectly predictable and predicted yet, instead of taking steps to ensure bad things don’t happen they allow it to happen and then have to deal with the consequences.

Wasn’t it obvious that if you kick out tens of thousands of European HGV drivers there is going to be a shortage?

Isn’t it obvious that if you kick out European nurses, midwives, fruit pickers, cooks, carers and all manner of other staff you are going to create huge problems? So why didn’t they take steps to deal with the problems? Why aren’t they addressing it? It’s the ostrich approach – put your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening.

Of course, it’s nothing to do with Brexit.

We gave up our biggest trading partner for magnificent trade deals we were going to secure. So where are they?

We gave up our freedom of movement, job opportunities and frictionless trade for what???

I heard from John Peachey that the obnoxious Australian government is telling Australians that our current energy and petrol problems are due to us giving up fossil fuels. That’s disgusting spin. They just want to continue their horrendous open-caste coal mining! Politicians will twist anything to their own advantage. Just lies.

So today there were another 32,997 new cases but just 63 deaths. I suppose that is an improvement.

I’m feeling weary and demotivated.

Stay safe. Everything comes to an end.

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