The Corona Diaries – Day 544

I was up Early today. Our boiler has been condemned and I was having the boiler cupboard in my work room knocked out so they can replace the old boiler. My wife says I will have to sell a lot of books to cover the costs!

I left the dust and debris to have a pleasant walk up my hill in the sunshine. Refreshing!!

The last days of ‘summer’ are trickling away. I don’t like the cold and damp. I ought to move to Africa.

Back home I’ve been playing some Slim Harpo and doing a bit of reading and editing. Slow progress at the moment.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, we have yet another crisis. As winter looms we have a gas shortage and huge hike in prices. Just what we need. I’m currently in waiting for the ombudsman to decide on a dispute with Together Energy, my supplier, They would not allow me to change to another supplier because they did not have any accurate readings!! I could have had a better deal months ago. Now it looks as if I’m going to get a lousy deal that’ll cost me hundreds more.

Once upon a time I received gas from British Gas, Electricity from the Electricity Board and water from the Water Board. I didn’t have to keep switching from one source to another to prevent them fleecing you. We didn’t have a bunch of Eton schoolboys forming little companies so that they could all get a slice of the cake. Life used to be so much easier!!

Now I get my gas from a water company in France, my water from a gas supplier and my electricity from Eton Deluxe. I change every year and can’t remember who the hell I’m with and if I don’t change I get charged £100s of pounds more. It’s madness – a private company free for all. Ever felt we’re being duped???

So let me see, Brexit, Covid, Global Warming, Biodiversity, AUKUS and now an Energy Crisis – who do we want to be running the country during such times? I know – how about a clown who gets stuck on a zip-wire with two union jacks in his hands! Failing that we could go for Coco.

I’m a pillock – Get me out of here!!

The frightening thing is that in the midst of all this daftness and incompetence, the sleaze and corruption, the self-serving Tories are surreptitiously tightening their grip. They are taking over the media, banning protest, altering boundaries and bringing in draconian legislation. Nobody is challenging them. They are not accountable. They have no regard for laws. They do not try to justify what they are doing; they just do it.

This is in great danger of becoming a fascist one-party state.

Where is the opposition?????

We desperately need a different system. Democracy is not working. Proportional representation is required. A coalition against these right-wing extremists.

So the rate of infection is continuing at the same level – another 29,612 new cases with 56 deaths. The vaccines are being rolled out to the over 12s and boosters for the over 50s. They are desperate to get people vaccinated before winter sets in. Once inside it’ll spread fast and as it spreads through the already vaccinated there will be no herd immunity.

The virus is spread by aerosol. I like to think of people exhaling a thick dark green vapour with their breath. You don’t catch covid from one virus. You probably need a million or so to overcome the body’s defences. Outside that green vapour, containing the virus, is dispersed. it rapidly disappears. Inside it hangs in the air so that soon the whole of the air in a room is green with virus. With every breath we breathe it in.

That’s why I like outside!

The Antivaxxers and conspiracy theorists have killed a lot of people. They are spreading absolute rubbish. 5G did not cause the virus. It may have escaped from a Chinese lab but it wasn’t bioengineered. Bill Gates does not put microchips in the vaccine,. It does not just kill old people. Masks do work and they won’t affect your health. The vaccine does not cause infertility. Even if you have no symptoms you can still pass it on. Likewise, if you’ve been vaccinated you can still pass it on and you can still get ill – you just don’t get as ill.

There is no magic bullet. I don’t think we will be on top of this virus ever. It’s an ongoing war.

Stay Safe – the Clown’s in charge!!

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