The Corona Diaries – Day 543

Another warm day. I’m in a T-shirt. Went for a longish walk this morning.

Quite interesting to see the landscape winding down for winter. Most of the flowers have gone to seed. Everything is looking dry, dead and bedraggled. A stoat ran along the road in front of us and then a shrew shot out on to the road. A big flock of swallows, which I thought had already departed, were gathering, hunting insects and preparing. Amazing how they instinctively do that. They’ve got a long flight ahead. I’m still seething at the stupid farmers who mow all the wide 5 metre verges to make them look neat. That was all the fruit, seeds and insects that the birds and animals need to get through winter. Nature is a menace for them. They’d like to eradicate it altogether if they could. As far as they are concerned the countryside should be a pristine agricultural factory – a machine for growing crops and maximising profits. Nature intrudes.

Back home I’ve been doing some writing, listening to some early Beatles and watching the footie.

Our younger son is coming home for a spell so we are rearranging the house to accommodate him. That’s taking a bit of doing.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, we have the added threat of AUKUS to keep us despairing. The thought of Johnson and Morrison involved in delicate global shenanigans with China over Taiwan, Japan and the disputed China Sea is pretty scary. A war with China could be just what we need. Instead of making the world a safer place and moving towards greater international cooperation we seem to be heading for a conflict that could go nuclear like Australia’s fucking submarines.

They could not have done it worse if they tried.

They probably looked up in their little book on how to infuriate allies before they did it. For these Brexiteers alienating the French and other Europeans is some kind of necessity. We seem to be intent on driving a wedge between us and our closest allies and trading partners. Insanity!

The truth is that we have much more shared culture with Europe than we ever do with the madness of America with its racist right-wing, white supremists.

Johnson and his ilk are like silly schoolboys playing with global fire. They are not up to the job. The psychotic imbecile really believes he is Churchill!!

It’s bad enough with their incompetence over Covid, Brexit and Global Warming, the last thing we need is war.

It feels like some stupid strategy to take our minds off what a mess they are making of the country!!

We are being ruled by a bunch of fascist, xenophobic racists! Upsetting the French and continentals (to our own detriment) is their greatest desire. Madness.

So we still have Covid raging along at the highest level in Europe – another 30,144 new cases yesterday with 178 deaths. We’ve become used to near 200 deaths a day. That is now acceptable. Hospital admissions are currently 8068 – creeping up. Wait for winter!!

We already have police driving ambulances. I expect we’ll have the army manning what’s left of the NHS after the Tories have sold it off.

Scotland is already in dire straits. Their hospitals are jammed. Should there be compulsory masks on the underground or public transport? Inside shops?

Should we be meeting inside pubs? Should nightclubs be open?

Of course, our government want everything open. It’s good for the economy and it creates the illusion that this crisis is over.

This Covid crisis is not over.

Neither is the Brexit crisis.

The Global Warming/Biodiversity crisis is worsening by the minute.

Now we have a new crisis in AUKUS to distract us from all the other crises that this government is messing up. They hope that we get crisis fatigue and elect them again. They love power and they love to screw as much wealth into their pockets as they can.

There is no morality in the Tory Party.

So STAY SAFE!!! We can survive a nuclear war, a global meltdown, a collapse in nature and isolation from the rest of the world!! Life as a barbarian can be fun!! Who needs electricity?

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