The Corona Diaries – Day 542

I woke up this morning with a strange story in my head about a Blues singer from the 1930s. I must have been dreaming it. I had the names and everything. I suppose it is nothing special but it was just odd the way it was there in my mind.

I went for an early walk and came back to quickly write it down.

It is so hot and sunny I don’t feel much like doing any editing. I might take a book and sit in the garden!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, we seem to have done the dirty on France (along with the USA and Australia). We’ve nicked their submarines without so much as a ‘how’s your father?’. We’re setting up an alliance to take on the Chinese and excluding Europe altogether. Since Brexit, obviously, they are the foreigners across the way that we do not want any truck with. Indeed, we now enjoy pissing them off!! You would have believe that a short while ago we were close allies!!

Anyway, the new Aukus rules!! And we know what happened to the great Auks, don’t we?? They were all shot!! There’s a stuffed one in the Natural History Museum. We might be able to get some DNA off that and create some new ones!!

There’s a lot happening along those lines. They are doing a Jurassic Park to recreate woolly mammoths and the government is allowing genetically modified foods to go ahead. I’m looking forward to the crop circles!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our buffooning clown appears to be getting nervous. He has a negative rating and the poles are narrowing. He knows that the knives will be out if they think their Billy Bunter can’t deliver power to them. So the twerp is looking for votes just like any good populist does. But he knows that the media is in his pocket. His big idea is to pretend that corona has gone away. We can all go on holiday.

He thinks that will be very popular.

He’s got a plan A (let it all go mad) and a plan B (panic and go spare) and a plan C (look for people to blame).

Should work as good as his last plan!! Has he ever had a plan for anything?? No I don’t think he has. He says the first thing that comes into his head. Thank heavens he has very flexible joints. He has so much practice at getting the whole of his feet into his mouth.

So we have another 32,651 new cases with 178 deaths. It’s not subsiding is it?

According to some reports 13.7 % of people have covid symptoms that last for more than 12 weeks but other reports suggest that it’s between 3-11.7%. Either way that’s a hell of a lot of people. Who knows what it’s doing to all those internal organs.

As the Johnson variant can infect vaccinated people it is quite likely we will not achieve herd immunity until we get a new vaccine that works better against that variant. As it is the vaccines stop most people from getting very ill and dying but they won’t stop people getting it. It will put all those unvaccinated and those shielding at great risk.

Out in Africa, in countries like Morrocco, Tunisia and Algeria, the big spike seems to be subsiding thanks to a big drive on vaccinations.

So we are venturing out into the world pretending that it’s normal.

Stay Safe!!!!

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