The Corona Diaries – Day 541

Another warm sunny day in Yorkshire – T-shirt time again (though not shorts). I went for an early walk as we have friends coming round for lunch in the garden!!

House is full of the smell of cooking!!

I’m doing a blackberry and apple pie. Cooking is good for the stomach and soul!! (If I had a soul!!)

It seems that our clown has shuffled the circus with a view to attempting to create a fresh image. Basically dumping one lot of useless pillocks and bringing in another lot of equally useless pillocks. He is counting on them keeping their heads down as they prepare for the next election with a series of slogans, soundbites and lies. He reckons that if they all keep away from being challenged on anything they can get away with it. I’m getting a bit sick of hearing the repeating litany that no government spokesperson was available. They don’t like being scrutinised or held to account. Johnson is happy to read from a teleprompt or roaming the country looking for photo ops. He’s not at all happy being put on the spot. That’s why he’s invisible so much of the time – probably enjoying his wine and fine food courtesy of Tory donors (who never expect anything in return – apart from fat contracts), or his holidays, courtesy of Tory donors, or lounging in his flat, courtesy of Tory donors. That poses a couple of questions: when does a donation become a bribe? How much do Tory donors expect in return for buying the £860 a roll wallpaper? Can someone who lives this opulent life really understand the difficulty of trying to live off social benefit? Does the fat slob care at all?

Where does avarice and sleaze collide with morality? In the case of Tories it collides with immorality, arrogance and naked greed. They really feel they deserve it. They are so superior. It’s been drummed into them in their public schools.

So as the Tories gear up for a propaganda campaign, deploying their media artillery and preparing to bombard us with carefully scripted lies, the Labour Party languishes in its usual infighting and inward looking battles and fails to get itself together and organised. The Tories are split in a far worse state than Labour but they love power and wealth so much they are all willing to put aside their hatreds of each other and work for the common aim of getting re-elected. As they have no real values, apart from adoring control and being filthy rich, I suppose that must be easier. For the Labour Party it is more difficult. The different wings of the party are passionate about their ideals and are prepared to sacrifice an election victory in order not to compromise.

That’s why we keep getting lumbered with these atrocious self-serving, swaggering public schoolboys!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the virus continues unabated. There were another 32,651 new cases today with 178 deaths. It’s staying pretty much the same. But September has been largely warm and sunny so mixing is likely to be outside. The test will come when we go indoors in the cold with poor ventilation. The aerosol will hand. The virus will be poised. Every breath a lungful of death. Ooops sorry about that – a little dramatic – though it will be for some!!

We can see the effects of indoor crowding as the rates in secondary schools are surging.

It looks unlikely that we will ever reach herd immunity. The Johnson variant (that he foolishly allowed to establish itself in the country from India) reinfects both those who have had the disease and those double jabbed. That’s bad news. It means that the virus will always have plenty of hosts to multiply in. Having had the virus or having been double jabbed will not stop you contracting it or passing it on. You may not be very ill but you could infect and kill those who are unvaccinated or shielding. Indeed, life becomes riskier by the day for those people. There is no way of completely isolating – sooner or later.

I’m looking forward to the 3rd jab which appears to confer even greater protection.

We’ll see! Stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 541

  1. Opher, Friday usually has the highest new case count of the week. It seems to be the day of the week that the latecomer reports come in (though, early in the epidemic, that day was Saturday). You need to watch the weekly average rather than individual days. Next week should tell whether we’re on a downhill roll or not.

    You have correctly diagnosed what little difference there is remaining between the Tories and Labour. Well done, Opher! In my way of expressing it, the Tories do what they do mainly out of selfishness, to make themselves and their cronies rich. Labour do what they do mainly out of hatred; because they want to do bad things to people. You put it as “the different wings of the party are passionate about their ideals,” but I think of it as “each faction wants to screw a slightly different section of the population.” That’s why, on a longer view of history, the right have tended to be less virulent than the left. The right want the golden eggs, but the left want to confine the goose, which will ultimately lead to killing it.

    But this view is in danger of becoming out of date, as the parties converge ever closer to each other. The Tories now love to screw independent “little people,” for example by closing small shops because of COVID, and by destroying the careers of people like lorry drivers with bad laws like IR35. Labour have always hated the little people and those who want independence; remember, it was Blair and Brown that made IR35 in the first place, and killed my own career as a result. Labour favour only those in the public sector and big trade unions, just as the Tories favour only their crony “capitalist” mates. A plague on both their houses, I say.

    1. I’m not sure that looking at the figures help much. Maybe we should look at figures and weather. If it is warm and sunny people are outside more, windows and doors are open and there is less transmission – as per this last week. When it is cold, rainy and miserable people meet inside and keep the windows shut. That will be the test.
      No. I disagree. The Tories are the party of the wealthy, formed by the wealthy to look after the interests of the wealthy.
      The right-wing of the Labour Party believe that they have to copy the Tories in order to be elected. They, like Blair who adopted Thatcherite policies, are watered down Tories. The left-wing believe in the people, nationalisation, fairness and equality. They are painted as extreme communists by the Tory media so that they do not get elected.
      It was the anti-establishment Labour Party who brought in the welfare state and the NHS against all the efforts of the Tories and the establishment.

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