The Corona Diaries – Day 536

No end in sight as I went through a cloudy day in Yorkshire. Partway into the morning the weather changed and it dropped five degrees! That didn’t stop me from going on my walk though – a daily five miles. It’s become an important part of my covid routine.

While out I watched a flock of fieldfares fly over. A joy. It is particularly dispiriting to find that the verges have been once again flattened and mowed into a dead brown wasteland. The young tractor driver responsible, who wasn’t getting paid to do it, mindless of the environmental damage, said that it looked a lot neater!!!

For fuck’s sake!! We are destroying nature on the altar of neatness!! Makes me want to scream. I did not hit him though!!

Back home I’ve been editing my Harper book, publishing my latest poetry book – Visions From The Pits of Love and Despair, playing some Mothers of Invention and watching a bit of sport!!

I finally finished reading my Marcel Proust book (quite an achievement), nearly finished my John Cooper Clarke (hilarious and insightful), still dipping into my Jeremy Harding and am just starting reading my Brian Beck novel. Not much time for reading these days. Too busy writing and editing.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tories finally start to slump in the polls. My hope is that once the bubble has burst they’ll descend at speed. There is a momentum about it. People are sheep. They take their cue from everybody else. Most don’t think for themselves and live in a perpetual state of ignorance. For some reason they really thought that a lying profiteering Tory millionaire from an overprivileged background cared a shit about them – it was jolly Boris. Maybe they are waking up to the fact that this ‘jolly Boris’ is in fact a lying, cheating, lazy, incompetent profiteer who has taken them all for a ride!! Once they’ve seen through him and his sleazy crew there won’t be any going back.

The Tories are in a spin as their popularity dives. Not surprising really as they have a two-pronged attack on the poor. Not only have they raised prices, put in a pay freeze, at a time when Brexit has caused prices to rocket, but they have cut benefits too! At the same time the profiteering billionaires are raking it in, Tory donors are getting multimillion pond contracts for sod all. Sleazy deals and tax loopholes. The rich have never had it so good!!

Brexit is causing absolute mayhem but the government is hiding it up with huge borrowing and covid. The truth will out!!

So the Tories have abandoned the idea of covid passports. Too unpopular. I can sense the panic. The tide is turning!!

They are bringing in booster jabs as quickly as possible. They are desperate to get things back under control.

Today there was another 29,173 new cases with another 156 deaths. It’s far from under control.

Hospitals are in a mess. They are bringing in the Army to help out in A&E!

They’ll need to recruit more soldier!! We’ve got half the army driving lorries to hide up the dire Brexit situation, we’ll have the army working in hospitals, soon we’ll have them harvesting from the fields!

Perhaps that was the big plan of Brexit? Put all the unemployed into conscription!!

Stay safe!! You’ll get your call-up papers soon!!

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