The Corona Diaries – Day 534

A partially cloudy, muggy day in Yorkshire. I’m feeling listless but I went on a walk up my hill. At the top what I first thought was a stoat sitting in the road turned out to be a grey squirrel. It allowed me right up close. A bit strange because there were no trees.

The mowers have been at it again – destroying habitat!! Pisses me off!!

Back home I’ll been playing some Randy Newman and editing. I’ve even managed a bit of reading!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the real impact of Johnson’s ready-made social care plan becomes more transparent.

Before he was elected he said he was going to fix social care once and for all and that he was not going to raise taxes. He said that he had a plan.

After being elected, two years later, he has come out with a lot of guff that doesn’t come near to fixing social care. It is clear that he never had a plan in the first place. He has raised taxes more than anyone before.

Some liar!!

So there is no money for the poorest. They have to exist on £20 less a week no matter how hard that is.

There is no problem in robbing the poor (like the nurses and other public servants who they’ve hit with pay cuts) to pay for social care – by raising national insurance.

But there is money for bankers bonuses.

There is money for hugely inflated salaries for track and trace.

There is money for cronies of the Tory party to provide useless PPE.

There is money for untendered projects.

There are billions and billions to waste on friends of the Tory Party.

It’s like there is a war on the poor.

There is no need to block the tax loopholes. Tax for the rich is optional. Tax is raised from the poor!

It’s obscene but they are getting away with it. The public are easily fooled.

So yesterday we had another 37,484 new cases with 167 deaths. The numbers are mounting but it’s OK Boris Johnson assures us that he has a blueprint for the difficult winter ahead!

You have to laugh.

These plans, blueprints and oven-ready deals are proving a trifle elusive.

Still no accountability – the government refusing to go on TV and be scrutinised. I wonder why that is? Is it because they don’t to be scrutinised? Surely not. Is it because everything they do is bollocks?? Couldn’t be, could it?

They always try to deflect.

The problems with the price increases, labour shortages and shortages of stuff on the supermarket shelves is nothing to do with Brexit. Neither is the food rotting in fields, the firms going bust, the massive trade deficit, job losses and skill shortages.

The pandemic has saved their bacon. Blame it all on the virus!!

Stay safe!! Boris has a blueprint (it’s probably to kill off the poor)!

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