The Corona Diaries – Day 533

It was a strange day in Yorkshire today. I set off to my writing group through torrential rain and flooded roads. It was coming down like a tropical monsoon! You don’t get to see that level of downpour in England often! No wonder there are flash floods and landslides; it was unbelievable.

All those climate change deniers must be wondering. Things aren’t normal. Extreme weather events around the world (floods, heatwaves, bushfires, mudslides, droughts and hurricanes) have increased 45 times above normal in the last ten years. We are at the start of what could be catastrophic conditions leading to mass migrations.

Ho hum.

By the time lunch came along the sky was clear. In the afternoon I walked up my hill in muggy heat. Very draining.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tory robbers, touting austerity but practicing cronyism, continue to feed the wealthy and starve the poor. It seems that, despite the message on his bus, there is no bonanza for the NHS, we all have to pay for it! We are being hit with tax rises and pension cuts. There will be no income tax rise – which could hit the wealthy. They are using the National Insurance instead – which will hit the young most! They are taking the triple lock off pensions – which will hit a lot of very poor pensioners. They are clawing back £20 a week off the poorest people.

Talk about Robin Hood in reverse!!!

Of course, as we see time and time again, nobody from the government is available to discuss any of these issues (least of all Mr Gaffe the Clown).

As scientists warn that the NHS will be overwhelmed within two months despite the level of vaccination the government announces that we will be jabbing school kids and giving a booster jab to the elderly. They are also looking at a possible ‘Firebreak’ in October. It seems that the ‘irreversible’ actions coming out of lockdown are reversible. But of course they will just use double-speak to say that nothing has been reversed!

So a ‘Firebreak’ is not a lockdown by another name. Ho ho.

I’m certainly in favour of a third jab. Looking at the evidence from Israel it is very effective. Can’t wait for mine. I’m also not adverse to jabbing kids. I’m not worried by my grandchildren having the jab. The risks are miniscule.

I keep hearing of the antivaxxers talking about long-term problems with the new mRNA vaccines. I don’t think they understand science at all. An mRNA molecule has a very short life. It is broken down quickly. Within days there would be none left. Vaccination is based on injecting the virus protein to induce a natural immune response. The mRNA vaccines use the cells apparatus to make some of the virus protein to induce an immune response. There is nothing unnatural about it. The mRNA is rapidly digested by the cells. The immune response is the same as you would get from an infection without getting the illness.

I despair. Ignorance and stupidity are seemingly more powerful than truth and understanding. I blame Trump. He empowered the loonies, undermined science and experts and yet hypocritically was vaccinated and used the latest scientific treatments when he became ill. Shame they didn’t inject him with bleach or parasitic worm medicine. There’s no accounting for self-serving pricks.

So in the UK we have another 38,486 new cases with another 191 deaths.

We don’t have sensible rational discussions about anything anymore. We do not weigh up the pros and cons and look for a rational way forward. I don’t think our politicians are capable of that. It’s all histrionics, politics and shrill, strident abuse.

Should vaccination be mandatory in the NHS?

Was the virus released from a lab in Wuhan?

Should there be a booster jab?

Should kids be vaccinated?

Instead of looking at the evidence, coolly weighing up the issues, discussing the advantages, disadvantages, likelihoods and possible outcomes, everything is politicised!

The antivaxxers have been putting up posters with razor blades behind them to cut anybody taking the posters down. That’s a bit nasty and extreme?

Instead of looking at scientific evidence, and listening to experts, some idiots are getting their info from dubious sources on the internet. Weirdos and quacks are given higher importance that people who have studied viruses all their life.


It is a wonder human beings have lasted this long? Do the stupid multiply at a faster rate? Are we getting dumber by the minute? Looks it to me!

Stay safe!! We’re being boosted!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 533

  1. According to Dame Sarah Gilbert evidence from Israel of a “booster” jab is insufficiently robust at present to assess its value accurately.

    1. Maybe – the report I read said that it seemed to be making a considerable difference. Time will tell. It certainly won’t do any harm. Can’t wait for mine. There’s a lot of covid around and anything that stops its spread isn’t bad in my book.

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