The Corona Diaries – Day 532

Hot and sunny here in Yorkshire – I need a pool and someone to bring me some cool G&Ts.

Aaah well – I can dream.

I did some writing today, read a little and went for a walk around the village. Feeling kind of lethargic.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, it seems that our buffoon in chief lied about having a read-made plan for Social Care. He lied about fixing it once and for all. But then we’ve become used to that, haven’t we?

He lied about the £350 million a week going into the NHS. Instead of producing a magic £350 million it’s costing us billions!!

So here we are, he unveiled his great plan; he intends to fleece all the poor to raise billions so that he can cover all the losses of Brexit, the cost of all the profiteers and chuck a bit into the NHS to clear up the mess he made with Covid. In three years time he might, or might not, divert some cash into social care. What’s the chances??

Let me see? I’ll have a look at his record on promises??? Hmmmmmm!!

Seems there is no ready-made, oven-ready plan for a world-beating social care system after all. His plan is to rob us so he can pay for more £860 rolls of wallpaper.

Mind you, I do think we have to raise funds to cover social care. It’s just how you go about doing that. My suggestion is to take it from all the bastards who have been making a fortune out of covid, Brexit and austerity. How many more billi0onaires do we have now?? Then we could claw some billions back off all the bastards using tax loopholes and stuffing their ill-gotten loot in the Cayman Islands. That makes more sense than robbing all the people who have already suffered over a decade of austerity and pay cuts.

But lo – that is not the Tory way – from the rich – for the rich!!

Meanwhile, the smokescreen of covid is obscuring the mess, the sleaze and the incompetence.

Today there were another 38,975 new cases, hospital admissions are rising with 1031 in intensive care and 191 more deaths.

They are talking about an October ‘Firebreak’ even though a short while ago Johnson was stupidly saying that everything was irreversible!! He’s big on promises and short on delivery.

They are still planning on bringing in Covid passports without a clue as to how that might work in practice. Again – the fool is big on announcing grand plans but not a clue on how they might work. We’ve had our T&T, apps, moonshots and world-beating crap for so long now we’re becoming used to it.

Johnson has never been one for either sticking to the truth or delivering outcomes – it’s all grand gestures and silly slogans. What a prat!!

It seems that the North has been hit much harder than the South. What a surprise! It seems that low wages, slum housing, deprivation and poor care are not conducive to surviving covid. Who’d have thought? Perhaps Johnson is after levelling up and creating more poor housing and low wages in the South too!

Stay Safe!!! Tomorrow’s another day!!

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