The Corona Diaries – Day 531

You go away for a few days and it takes most of the day sorting out the consequences. We came back from the Dales with a mass of things to do – we’d had a leak and carpets were sodden (had to be dragged outside to dry), there were emails to answer, things to post, a pile of washing, plants to water and general shit. Fortunately it has been a hot, sunny day – good for drying!!

All caught up. Time to go for a walk in the sunshine to make the most of the last dregs of summer. I also wrote a piece for my writing group and listened to some Pink Floyd.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our lying lazy greedy PM is introducing a tax hike of 1.25% for the NHS and Social Care – carefully avoiding mentioning the wonderful sum of £350 million a week that was supposed to come in from ditching the EU (probably costing us a hundred times that a week!). Will nobody how him to account for his lies??

We have another 40,801 new cases with 209 more deaths. Northern Ireland is at breaking point with hospitals crammed full. In their usual panicky lateness Johnson is planning an October lockdown. Though this is to be called a Firebreak so that nobody can accuse him of lying again – all that stupid bunkum about irreversible opening up! He’s reversing wildly as usual!!

7 million have now had covid! We’ll never get to herd immunity though – too many antivaxxers coupled with the fact that the vaccine has a short life and needs boosting regularly every six months.

I’m not sure what is happening with the booster jab. Johnson seems to have gone back on that too! It is working well in Israel and seems effective against the Johnson variant!!

The vaccine passports for nightclubs and inside events seems to still be on the cards regardless of how divisive and difficult that might prove.

We no longer have to isolate if double jabbed (keep on working!).

So, we have a clear roadmap into the future – onwards towards an oven-ready, world-beating future of prosperity for the few!!

Long live profiteers!!

Stay safe! (and don’t worry – the poor will pay for the mess, lies and failure!!)

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