The Corona Diaries – Day 529

I’m feeling a little sunburnt!! I’ve spent the day with friends walking in the Yorkshire Dales. Just about to sort a meal and a bottle of wine.

Great day!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the clowns in charge preside over stupidity. I heard that Hilary Mantel said that she was ashamed to live in a country where the people vote in a government like this. I feel the same.

The absolute mess they are creating. Could Brexit or the covid response have been any worse? Could anyone have squandered more money? Could there have been more sleaze and corruption? I doubt it!

We have had bad government before but this lot set a new low!!

We’re being run by a corrupt bunch of self-serving profiteers who only care about themselves. Unbelievable. They’ve been chucking money and lies right left and centre to their cronies!!

Today there were 37,011 new cases with another 48 deaths.

As usual there is conflicting information. One bunch suggests that we should jab the kids to stop the virus spreading. Another group say that we’re all going to get it eventually so there’s no point in taking precautions!!

I think we have to pick our own way through this mess. It’s no good looking to Boris Johnson for rational leadership.

Stay safe!!!

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