The Corona Diaries – 528

Ive been out today walking in the Yorkshire Dales with friends. We walked along the Leeds to Liverpool canal and then up into the hills and had sanwiches in an old Saxon church.

The day was overcast but warm enough!!

It is so good to meet up with old friends that we haven’t seen since precovid. Feels a bit strange!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, where the mad clown rules with his gang of profiteers the madness continues!

There were 42,068 new cases with 121 deaths. That’s before the schools go back!! No sign of the invisible leader! No accountability!! No clarification! No guidance! No leadership!! Not surprising really – the buffoon is a gaffe maestro. They keep him away from the media!!

The big debate is whether to vaccinate schoolchildren. There are no substantial benefits. The concern is heart inflammation which occurs in 17 in a million cases. The chances of getting heart inflammation through contracting covid is higher but not much higher. It is a tiny risk but they do not know if the condition causes long-term damage. There is not enough benefit to warrant doing it – but some scientists are saying that it would slow the spread of the virus.

In the States the unvaccinated are sitting ducks. Hospitals in Oklahoma are overflowing with ivermectin overdoses. Ivermectin is a antiparasitic worm drug that is unproven. Why would anybody want to use a very unpleasant drug that probably does a lot of harm to the body and is likely to be completely ineffective rather than a safe and effective well-proven vaccine? The power of stupid antiscience Trumpist propaganda.

We’re back in the dark ages! Trump and his minions are actually killing tens of thousands with their ignorance! How daft can you get??

Anyway – Stay Safe – I’m off to play Rummikub!!

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