The Corona Diaries – Day 525

A much colder day with a wind from the north. Summer has definitely gone. I was freezing last night. We’ve changed the summer duvet for a winter one.

I’m a tropical person. I like heat and sunshine. I can’t fathom out why people chose to move out of Africa in the first place. They must have been mad! Perhaps it was the spiders??

This normality is intruding into my lockdown. I went to my writing group for the first time in a year and a half!! Felt strange. We’ve been meeting on Zoom for a year or so. Felt good to be back with people. It’s another risk!!

Back home I went up my hill, came home, played some Dylan and got down to some editing!! Life is becoming more complex again. Risks are greater because of it. I’m hoping for that third jab!!

It is really heartening to read the great reviews on Amazon. I’m so pleased that so many people are enjoying the book. 21 top reviews/ratings on Amazon and an amazing 98 likes on Burning Shed. That is quite humbling. Thanks guys!! It really means a lot. It also gives me some energy to put into the next book!! 300 pages in – another 20 to go!! Then I’ll start the final edit!! A lot of sweat goes into writing.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown is back from holiday and Raab is in the house talking about his pleasant sojourn in the sun while desperate people were being blown to bits in Afghanistan due to his incompetence.

Politics is always spin, lies and sleaze but this mob extreme right-wingers and Trumpist clones are taking it down to a new level.

The unspoken policy (unspoken being the operative word as they won’t appear anywhere for fear of being challenged and put on the spot) is HERD IMMUNITY. Though they won’t say it. By removing all restrictions they know the virus will go mad but they are hoping that enough people are double jabbed to keep the death-rate down. They actually want the young to get it. They don’t mind long covid or a certain level of deaths. They won’t say it though!!

There is an experiment going on.

We saw with Scotland that as soon as the schools went back there was a big surge in cases.

They saw with the Newquay festival that there was a huge spike in cases following the festival.

They are very happy for young people to congregate in large numbers at places like the Reading festival!

This is terrible news for the Antivaxxers and those having to shield. They will be more and more exposed and have no protection! Particularly as the Johnson variant can make those double jabbed ill and they can pass it on to the unjabbed!! A recipe for disaster.

We see in the States that over 92% of deaths are in the unvaccinated.

The big worry is that allowing the virus to run riot could throw up a variant or two. Newquay seems to have. Meanwhile we have a new South African Variant and the Mu variant from Colombia. Both of them are causing concern.

We only need a new deadly strain and we’re up shit creek again!! It’s a dicey game.

Is it working?

Well yesterday saw an increase in cases to 35,693 and deaths rose to 207 (worst since March). Hospital admissions are going up and a lot of young people are being hospitalised.

So, as Johnson contradictorily brings in Covid passports for clubs and travel, winter approached and we’ll see what happens with this experiment.

We’ll also see if he has the guts to sack both Raab and himself as totally incompetent, lazy bastards!!

Stay safe!! We live another day!!

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