The Corona Diaries – Day 522

All a bit hectic today! I’ve been staying at my daughter’s. Went off this morning to watch my eldest grandson play football!! Great stuff. They won 7 -1! Must be genetic.

We drove back this afternoon. I watched some football and then went for a walk before trying to catch up with the million emails!

Technology is wonderful – so labour-saving. How come I now spend hours dealing with all this IT stuff. It was all meant to be quicker and easier. It just seems slower and more time-consuming. Go for a few days and you are drowing in electronic messages!!

My spam clogs up with hundreds that have to be dumped in batches of 20. My inbox is full of stuff that needs answering. I’m drowning in gigabytes!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our incompetent PM has completely messed up the evacuation in Afghanistan and left hundreds, if not thousands, to a grizzly fate.

They are great at turning a situation into a crisis.

All those Afghans should have been calmly processed and evacuated months ago when everybody knew what the deadline was.

They say bad things come in threes – Afghanistan, Brexit and Covid. What do they all have in common??

Ineptitude and incompetence




Huge unnecessary costs

Masses of red tape

Poor decision making

Poor responses

Poor outcomes

An arrogance

Unwillingness to be held to account

Unwillingness to accept any responsibility

Soundbites and bilge!!

So in the UK there were another 32,406 new cases with another 133 deaths!! This level is 26 times higher than this time last year!!

That doesn’t bode well! Particularly as schools go back next week and scientists are expecting a big surge in cases like has happened in Scotland where Covid has hit record levels!

So hospital cases are rising, 1.4 million people have missed their second jab for some stupid reason.

Marcus Birks, the 40 year old Covid sceptic, who was urging people not to get vaccinated, has died of covid. He greatly regretted his actions – and so he should. Not only did he pay for his stupidity with his life but he probably caused the unnecessary death of a number of others!!

I’m hoping my third jab is OKed and I get it soon. Vaccine is a treatment that stops you dying. Why would anybody not avail themselves of a free shot?? Doesn’t make sense to me. Look at the bloody stats!!!

Get vaccinated!! Don’t be a Trumpist fool!!

Stay Safe!!

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