The Corona Diaries – Day 521

Brilliant day of blue skies and fluffy clouds – ideal for a walk!

I’ve been feeling a bit crap all day though – thick head and bunged up. I think it’s an allergy.

A couple of ibuprofen put me right!!

I’ve been with my eldest grandchild today. It was my duty to let him beat me at all manner of games – at least that is what I told him!!

I have been playing him some Ry Cooder but he wasn’t impressed. It seems that appreciation of good music is not genetic!!

I watched a bit of cricket as we took India apart. That was good!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our glorious nincompoop of a buffooning clown has publicly admitted that he would be happy with a level of deaths at a 1000 a week! That clearly shows the policy we have secretly moved to.

Our bunch of morons thinks that the virus is here to stay and we have to let it run wild. They are pretty confident that the vaccines give enough protection to enable hospitals to cope and for deaths not to be too high.

That is obviously their thinking – so why not put it out into the public arena and explain their thinking? They might even be able to persuade me. Why all the silence, secrecy and hidden cha nge of policy?

There are a number of points that I suppose they really do not wish to discuss openly:

What about the antivaxxers?? They are more and more at risk as the levels of cases rise and mixing becomes greater.

What about the people who have immune problems and are having to shield? About two million of them who may have to shield forever!

It is recognised that the vulnerable cannot completely isolate. Are the antivaxxers and vulnerable now expendible?

I suppose so.

They have already shown their callous attitude to the Afghans who helped us and who have been abandsoned to terror and gruesome deaths. The antivaxxers brought it on themselves and the vulnerable are just collateral damage.

But where is the discussion?? Why are the government never honest?? Why are they not being held to account by either the opposition or media??

The Tories seem to have taken over the Labour Party and all elements of the media. We are being controlled, duped and manipulated.

I don’t like it!!

Today the ongoing rise continues. There was another 37,690 new cases with a hundred deaths. When schools go back in a week’s time this is reckoned to rise substantially. The Johnson variant, idiotically allowed into the country unchecked, is twice as likely to cause hospitalisation.

Never mind. The ones dying are mainly old and poor. They probably didn’t vote Tory – or did they?

So, the truth for the future is that the virus will always be with us! So what does that mean for mask wearing, social distancing, indoor events, endless testing, holidays abroad or at home or booster jabs?

It’s endless.

The US investigation concerning the origin of the virus has proved inconclusive. Some sayndless testing, indoor events it was leaked from a Wuhan lab, some say from the ‘wet’ market, some that it was caught in the field. We might never know but that won’t stop the conspiracy theorists, will it?

People will believe what they want to believe. Incredibly a large number of people still believe that Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro are competent, jolly individuals who have the interests of the people foremost in their minds.

There’s no accounting for stupidity!!

Stay safe!!!

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