The Corona Diaries – Day 520 Not among the rich of course.

Heading over to the grandchildren today. A drizzly day. We went through some fabulous scenery but the misty rain spoilt it.

I’ve been playing some Beefheart in the car. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed Strictly Personal.

Meanwhile, out in coronaland our glorious clown is overseeing the evacuation from Afghanistan – so there are a hell of a lot of people who risked their lives for us who are going to be abandoned to be tortured and beheaded. That’s Tory life. Winners (Tories) and losers (everybody else).

It was interesting to see how life expectancy in Britain is declining under Tory rule. Not among the wealthy, of course.

That wonderful Rishi Sunak, one of the wealthiest man, adds a swimming pool and tennis courts to his mansion while cutting £20 a week from the desperate poor. Nice guy. Plenty of compassion and empathy. He really cares. Obviously not in it for himself. But where did all that money come from? Is he planning to take all those £20 for himself?

With all this concern about blood clots from vaccines research has shown that the risk of clotting from catching covid is much much higher!! So why take something, with a miniscule risk, th\at will stop you from dying when you can be a right dork? Coronavirus vaccine risks are so much lower than getting covid.

Another 37,973 new cases and 140 deaths. But that’s OK – the economy is still making money for the shareholders. That’s all that matters.

Stay safe – we are being led by morons.

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