The Media, Fake News and Conspiracy.

Many people have stopped believing the mainstream media. They perceive it to be an organ of the establishment pumping out biased propaganda.

This was fueled by the internet which provided a mass of different perspectives and first-hand accounts.

This confusion was seized upon by Trump and various other internet parties who used it to feed a stream of fake news while claiming all other mainstream media was fake.

Suddenly we were in the age of Untruth where everything was politicised and up for grabs.

Many people automatically rejected the story emanating from mainstream news.

Hence, yesterday’s bombings at the airport in Kabul:

The mainstream news story is that an element of ISIS carried out a gruesome inhumane act aimed at the Western troops, Taliban (who they have fallen out with) and Western Afghan lackeys.

No doubt there are many other conspiracies to be found on the web:

It was the CIA behind it – deliberately stirring up trouble so that the USA has an excuse to continue operations in Afghanistan.

That it was the Taliban behind it – having a last swipe at the USA and their Afghan helpers

That it was a direct order from Biden to promote more war in the Middle East.

That it was a dirty ops operation from the Republican Party to discredit the Democrats

That it was the Commies stirring up trouble.

People were urged to question everything:

The world is flat

We never landed on the moon

Global warming is bollocks

Social distancing is a commie plot

Vaccination enables Jeff Bezos to watch you.

It’s nuts.

Science is ridiculed. Experts are trashed. We’d rather listen to the self-serving babbling of people like Trump.

Take 9/11 –

The mainstream was that it was a planned operation from A Qaeda who flew planes into the twin towers and pentagon.

The conspiracy was that it was the CIA who blew up the towers so they could invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was Saudi

It was Bush

Not believing in mainstream news throws people into the hands of Big Business, Political extremists, Religious Fanatics and other nutcases with vested interests. They aim to confuse, undermine and exploit. They peddle fake news, conspiracy and hate for their own interests. They like division, foster disbelief in the system and profit from the chaos they create.

Mainstream news certainly has an agenda, a bias and is not reliable – but it’s a lot better than the muck that is pouring out of internet sites.

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