The Corona Diaries – Day 519

A bit of a colder cloudy day in Yorkshire but, much to the total disbelief and open disgust of people that I pass, I am still in shorts!

It’s a bit of a strange Summer this. August has been warm and cloudy for the most part. It didn’t blaze. We had our really hot spell earlier. I’ve just shut the window as at 5.30 pm it is beginning to get quite chilly. August is dribbling away. There is always a change as September comes into view. It’s got that Autumnal feel.

We had a walk into Driffield today with a coffee and Italian delicacy at the new ice-cream parlour. Delicious!!

I’m still keeping up my average of 5 miles + walking a day. It keeps me fit! The major problem is that it takes two hours out of every day. Time is precious.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our buffoon is making noises about the fiasco in Afghanistan. I’m thinking that the electorate ought to pop along to the circus and see what other acts they have available. The clowns don’t seem to be working too well.

If only Monty Python or the Goons were younger (not dead) and available. I’m sure they’d do a better job and they wouldn’t be such loonies!! Gumby for PM!!

a cabinet meeting:

That’d be an improvement!!

Aren’t you glad we’ve got experts in charge of the country?? This bunch, responsible for Brexit, Covid deaths and Afghanistan fiasco are only good for handing out vast sums of our money to themselves and their chums.

Life’s a jolly show – what??

We have a new policy. It’s the same as the original policy. It’s called – ‘ignore it and it will go away’.

Let’s hope it works this time. At least as well as Brexit. Gosh I’m so glad that we don’t have that Project Fear anymore – just Project Reality.

The government chooses not to tell us its policies. That way they can’t be blamed when it goes wrong. They simply blame other people – the EU, people not obeying rules, immigrants, foreigners, the Labour Party – so far it has worked very well. It seems that the government isn’t to blame for anything!! It is always someone else’s fault. Hence nobody ever has to resign!! So they don’t go on telly. They don’t answer criticism. They bluster everything out and reckon that even the biggest scandals – like the doshing out of billions of pounds to their chums, Greenswill, bullying Priti, 132,000 deaths, a 100 billion on Brexit, backhanders, donors and wallpaper – will all be forgotten, excused, overlooked. Incompetence, ineptitude, disaster, sleaze, corruption, accountability – all swept under the carpet!! Nice! Still 7 points clear in the polls! Still a few million pounds richer!! All going well!!

The British public love ’em! They love being ordered about by bigots!! It’s what they deserve.

As for me -0 I’m totally pissed off with every dodgy deal, cover-up and piece of ineptitude and money-grabbing sleaze!

I do not like having a PM who is not allowed to speak because he makes a gaffe in every pronouncement. I want someone competent and less greedy!!

So, I have gleaned that the new policy is – herd immunity!! We let the virus rip, try to vaccinate as many as possible, hope the dead don’t pile up too high, hope that there isn’t a nasty variant, hope that we don’t follow Israel, hope that the hospitals don’t overflow, hope that the waning vaccine immunity holds up, hope that long covid doesn’t cripple too many so the economy is hit (that would be a disaster – they might not be able to cream off their billions), hope that none of the cabinet die from covid (though that would be a blessing for the rest of us), hope that covid goes on and on so that they can blame the disastrous effects of Brexit on the virus. That’s a lot of hopes!!

Let’s hope!

Let me see now – we’ve jumped up to 38,281 new cases with another 140 deaths – that’s far far higher than this time last year – you know – just before we had that massive 2nd wave with tens of thousands of deaths! So with a fast rising number of cases, a waning immunity as the vaccine wears off, winter approaching and an incompetent, silent government with a policy of ‘who cares – we’re making money’, I wonder what is going to happen?

Maybe Johnson will speak to us about his world-beating solutions?? Maybe they’ll give him a teleprompter?? ERrrrr ARf Arf!!

Maybe we can all hope??

Maybe I’m going back into severe lockdown until next Spring? Perhaps I can hibernate until it’s all over?

Stay Safe – many new Tory millionaires are being created every day and our austerity? Well, we’ll get used to it!!

18 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 519

  1. you folks in UK have it as bad as we do, opher. the idiot squad of so-called citizens love the lies…it feels so good. truth or facts don’t matter…feel good does. now we’re hearing how afghans are being brought to the US to “take ‘our’ jobs and get to free stuff right before they pile into cessnas and fly into apartment buildings and shopping malls… geezus today hispanics, tomorow the afghans.

    1. The Southern politician preaches to the poor white man. You got better than them don’t complain.
      Back then it was the blacks. there’s always a scapegoat – and the same fools always fall for it!!

  2. remember blaming scapegoats gets the blame shifted: “I’m a stupid chicken plucker with zero ambition…sounds better for the dumb plucker if it’s “I have to pluck chickens because all the “good jobs” have been given to black people…”

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