The Corona Diaries – Day 517

The grandchildren have gone back but I’m still pretty knackered. On top of that the boiler has just been condemned and has to be replaced. That sounds expensive!! I spent a couple of hours ringing round to get quotes. Not a good way to spend a morning.

I went for my walk up the hill and nature raised my spirits.

Back home the Everly Brothers were what I needed. Boilers are a Birddog.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland our gloriously inept leader is still invisible – but no doubt he’s preparing all his lies and bluster to present to Cop -26 in Edinburgh in a couple of months. With Johnson at the helm it should be call Cop-Out 26. His big plan is to put wind turbines in Number 10 – then all the wind he produces can power the country and we can do away with coal, gas and oil altogether!!

If we could convert lies to energy, in the way that Johnson converted lies to power, we could run the whole world for free on sustainable lies! This lying toad, fresh from the populist school of Trump, can lie not just for Britain but for the whole planet! It’s the world-beating, oven-ready solution!!

Except that all his lies have produced nothing of worth! From Brexit to Moonshots it’s been a litany of lies and cover-up. If we had a half-decent opposition they’d make mincemeat of him!

So our supermarket shelves are half empty, our HGV drivers have been banished to Europe, our fields are full of crops with nobody to pick them, there are no beneficial trade deals, we’re drowning in red-tape and tariffs, firms are relocating, there are no chefs, carers and fruit pickers, we’re making lousy deals with Australia and looking to ship goods halfway around the world, Brexit has already cost us a £100 billion (more than the total we paid in to the EU over the whole 40 years) and everything labelled project fear is fast becoming Project REALITY!!! But, on the positive side – many Tory wealthy profiteers have made an awful lot of money!!

We wrested control back and put it in the hands of the most extreme bunch of nationalists this side of the Taliban!!

People think that because so many are vaccinated that the pandemic is over. It’s not!! Yesterday the number of new cases was 30,838 with 174 deaths. That is the highest number of deaths since March! It is mainly among the 20-30 year old who are unvaccinated. People are underestimating the effect. It is making people really ill. Even people who are double jabbed are getting quite ill.

The situation around the world is dire!!

Roll on Autumn and Winter – we’ll see what happens to the numbers then!!

But the Tories on care about making money – as long as the workers work and make them profit they are happy. Who cares if some of them die?

Stay Safe!! The end ain’t nigh yet!!

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