The Corona Diaries – Day 515

Today we took the three grandchild5ren to the beach, which was a logistical game of strategy and planning that was worthy of dispatching a small army.

We ate ice-cream, rode on pirate ships, dug canals in the sand and generally dissipated our energies!!

I’m now exhausted!!

Bridlington was crowded but as we were outside the risk for virus transmission was low. As it was warm everyone was outdoors. The real tesat comes when the weather changes.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our glorious muppet in charge is overseeing a further increase in both cases and hospital admissions. It stood at 32,058 new cases yesterday with a further 104 deaths. It’s not going away and it’s far from over. We’ll pay heavily for Freedom Day.

People are beginning to discuss whether Covid is worse than Brexit. Staff shortages, skill shortages and red-tape, increased tariffs, rising costs and crashing firms versus deaths, long covid and restrictions. The reality is that the terrible effects of Brexit are being disguised by covid!

When you go out and about it is as if things are back to normal. They aren’t. All over the world things are still dire. Ibn the States it’s back up to 100,000 cases a day due to the politicisation of covid. The loony Trumpists insist on not wearing masks or distancing and not vaccinating – so they are spreading the virus, getting ill and dying!! Long Live Trump!! Down with Science! — DOOOOOOOHHH!!!

Russian deaths are huge. Even New Zealand has an outbreak with 72 cases which has prompted a complete lockdown.

Scientists have discovered that the virus is transmissable just 24 hours after infection – long before there are any symptoms. They have also discovered that vaccinated people may not get ill but can spread the disease. This makes the spread of the virus very difficult to control!!

They are introducing antibody testing which should indicate how long the antibodies last in the body after an infection and thus give valuable information for future boosters!!

On the sleaze front it seems that one of the PCR Test firms awarded multimillion pound contracts without any tendering and having political connections, is proving useless and unreliable.

Stay safe – the corrupt are in charge!!

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