Poetry – So the story goes

So the story goes

There are rape gangs grooming kids.

There are terrorists in every nook.

We are flooded with armies of immigrants

Intent on imposing Sharia law.

They are subverting our values!

Imposing their fanaticism!

So the story goes!

The authorities,

Shackled by PC

Are scared of being called racist

And refuse to act.

So the story goes.

Tommy Robinson is the peoples’ champ,

The exposer of Muslim atrocities.

So the story goes.

This is the narrative

That streams out

Of the far-right

Propaganda sites.

The exaggerations

That takes the seeds of real problems

And blows them up

Into nightmares

To generate fear and hatred.

So the fake news goes.

Opher 7.12.2018

Within this battle of extremes lies the real truth. There are big problems that need confronting and dealing with.

What we do not need are the fanatics that would light the blue touch-paper for their own ends.

Some people benefit from sowing the seeds of fear and hate.

How much did Tommy Robinson crowd-fund?

I'd like to hear from you...

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