The Corona Diaries – Day 508

The question that I keep thinking is when will this ever end?

The answer is probably never!

Life has changed so much I cannot imagine it going back to the way it was before. I think that strands of covid have penetrated our psyche and polluted our minds. Is this what covid anxiety looks like? I don’t think it is as bad as that with me. But being a biologist I am acutely aware of bacteria and viruses. Human beings are actually the dirtiest creatures on the planet. Our skin has more microbes per square centimeter than any other creature.

Makes you think.

Every breath you exhale is packed. Every mouthful of food is crawling.

I suppose most non-biologists don’t think that way.

If there is ever a complete end we’ll see if we can manage to forget.

So, how can we reach an end? There is only three ways that come to mind. One way is for everybody in the world to gain vaccination to eradicate the virus, so that it has no more hosts. That seems unlikely on many fronts. Firstly it would mean vaccinating everyone in the entire world and that has only happened with smallpox. Another way is for individuals to gain vaccination so that they do not get the virus. That means a vaccine that picks up all the strains and regular boosters. A third way is for scientists to invent an effective treatment. That would be good but I wouldn’t hold your breath. We don’t have treatments for virus diseases.

I’m not sure either of those will work. So I guess we have to get as well protected as possible and accept the risk like we do with many other diseases.

Today was warm and cloudy. We have the grandchildren with us so I have been playing table tennis, chess and heading off to the beach for motorboat rides then on to a walk with rope swings.

I’m knackered!!

It’s been great reading the reviews on the Harper book. So great to be reassured that people are enjoying it. That makes all the effort worthwhile

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, most people are not enjoying some things too much. The business people are not enjoying the mountains of red-tape, the extra costs, extra time and aggravation of Brexit. Lose lose lose. People are not enjoying the huge price rises. Sending goods abroad costs an arm and leg. They are not enjoying losing all their rights – to work, study or travel.

Brexit, contrary to what we were told, has already cost us more than we paid in the whole of our time in the EU. It’s lost us a fortune, made enemies of friends, put prices up, changed the atmosphere of the country and driven firms out of business. Great stuff!!

And the benefits?? Well it made a lot of money for a bunch of wealthy Tories. It put a bunch of useless Eton schoolboys in charge of the country. It might break up the union. Is that what was wanted??

Meanwhile, we have another 29,143 new cases and 93 deaths. It’s chugging along nicely towards Autumn. The vaccinated might not get extremely ill but the Indian variant is still infecting them and, more importantly, being spread by them, all-be-it at a slower rate. The unvaccinated are filling the ICUs.

In the States it’s a joke. Is there ever anything more stupid than politicising a pandemic like Trump did?? He put out so much fake information that his daft followers are still doing stupid things. Scientists are all wrong!! Yeah Yeah!! The virus is a hoax!! Social distancing, mask wearing and vaccination is a commie plot!! How stupid can you get?? Then we have the religious fanatics jumping on the bandwagon. Faith kills the virus!! Yeah Yeah!! Except it doesn’t and the ICUs are full of stupid Trumpists and religious nuts!!

Ho hum. You can’t beat stupidity!!

The biggest worry is that all these infected people will throw up variants that will evade the vaccines and we’re back to square one!

The political, religious and plain stupid antivaxxers could end up killing us all!!

Stay safe! Mankind was a bad evolutionary experiment in the first place! Better off without us!

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