The Corona Diaries – Day 503

Another nice day although there were clouds!! I walked up my hill – fifty percent of the sky was blue. I could see the sun like a mosaic over the fields all around me, except overhead was this big dark cloud that seemed to be following me! When I reached the top and there was no tree cover it proceeded to rain on me.

Who have I annoyed recently? Surely bungling Johnson isn’t that powerful? Naw – if he was behind it it’d never work!!

Back Home I’ve been doing more writing and editing and playing Crosby, Still, Nash and Young – great stuff.

Very pleasing to read the four 5 Star reviews that are already up on Amazon. Cheers me up while I’m editing. Editing can be soul destroying. All my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity, like emptiness in harmony, I need someone to comfort me.. Paul Simon said that. Somehow you have to reinvent all those sentences so that they are more interesting. It gets to you after a while. Reading the reviews is a light in the dark. Makes it worthwhile.

It’s a bit like writing this blog. I often feel that, despite all the thousands of followers, I am writing into a blizzard of emptiness.


But, none the less, as CSNY say – you have no choice but to carry on. I give my commentary on the absurdity around me.

I had to laugh. I was talking with a good friend this afternoon about the expats living in Europe. A lot of them voted Brexit! One of them wrote about how they came home just to vote. Now they find that Europe is kicking them out! They can only stay for 90 days and have to fill in all manner of forms. Only those earning enough can apply for settled status. Now they’re all bleating like the stupid sheep they are. Turkeys enjoying the ride to the abattoir.

It’s the same as all the stupid Trumpians who think that Trump represents them while watching him stuffing cash into his accounts and giving out hand-outs to his rich buddies. They fell for walls and draining swamps, for lies about stolen elections (lost by 7 million votes – unlike Gore and Clinton who both won the popular vote – Gore losing by 1 electoral college vote as a result of Jed Bush fiddling the results in Florida!! 537 votes with thousands being discounted for hanging chad – nice one Jed) and lies about Clinton being a crook! The irony of that. The fools sent in Billions in cash – from poor people to a billionaire so his wife can parade around with a handbag worth more than their houses!!

There’s no accounting for stupidity and ignorance. As Frank Zappa said: ‘There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.’

Despite everything they are still backing Johnson and Trump. You don’t know whether to laugh or scream!!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Johnson is still in charge of our strategic response. His hand is poised as he watches every nuance of the virus, poised to trigger decisive responses. In this grand battle Johnson is the grand master. He scrutinises the battlefield like a cross between General Patton and Boris Spassky, looking to outsmart the virus at every turn. Then he wakes up.

To us, (those who have any intelligence), it’s like watching a self-serving Billy Bunter public schoolboy who, instead of focusing on the crucial business, the details of Brexit, the coronavirus, global warming, is more worried about spending £100,000 on artwork for his flat, what wine he’s going to quaff and who he’s going to screw – along with how he’s going to get somebody else to pay for it all!!

As he dives in the opinion polls the cynical rabid Tory grandees are lining up Rishi Sunak, their rising star, to take over. The long knives will out and Johnson will be put out to pasture with a few tens of millions to soften his fall (just like Cameron and Osborne before him). They hope that the big grin of Rishi will bounce them up the polls again where they can continue to use their burner phones to make sleazy deals and squirrel their ill-gotten gains abroad. Anyone want a PPE contract? A secret meeting with the PM?

You couldn’t make it up. The level of corruption has reached the stratosphere.

So covid is on the wane, or is it? 27,110 new cases today. Still pretty high! It may be levelling off but this is an increase!! We’ll see.

Vaccine refuseniks continue to die or require hospital treatment. We appear to be hoarding millions of doses of vaccine rather than helping the rest of the world. Long covid blights lives. The millions with immune deficiency due to cancer treatments or illnesses continue to be locked in their homes. The waiting lists for treatment is reaching staggering proportions. The Tories are gleefully handing out contracts to the private sector who are reaping in vast profits. Profiteers make a killing. Life is far from normal!!

Stay safe!! Be a Tory donor – there’s huge money to be made!! We’re all in it together!!! Ha Ha!!!

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