The Corona Diaries – Day 502

A pleasant day broken up with torrential showers – fortunately all missing me!!

I went for a walk up my hill and did my usual 10K. A stoat ran out in front of me, my kestrel was sitting on the telegraph wire watching me pass, rogue chickens, escapees from the chicken farm were wandering the hedgerows and provided us with a few free eggs! All was well!!

Back home I was playing some early Byrds and editing my Harper book. Very productive. I’m two thirds through this edit!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the polls continue to narrow and our mighty clown’s approval ratings are sinking faster than a lump of gold through helium in a black hole. Interestingly I had a talk with an ex-colleague today who was lambasting our public schoolboy and his crew of horrendous chancers.

In between them all dumping their burner phones to escape criminal charges on their dodgy deals they are still arrogantly continuing to make money out of misery. Is there no end to the sleaze and corruption??

I wonder how many of the cabinet bastards have direct links to firms running PCR tests or manufacturing PPE – both of which have been grotesquely profit-making and profiteering in the midst of a major crisis. You’d think they might show some humanity but it’s just crocodile tears and words – same as always.

I bet some of them are making money out of the Grenfell cladding crisis!

The pandemic trundles on at a steady pace with another 28,229 new cases and 103 deaths. No change.

The good news is that the vaccination program is likely to reduce the risk of it getting really nasty and by the end of the year we might even (no thanks to antivaxxers) be achieving herd immunity and be out of this!

There is even the prospect of foreign travel as many countries are exceeding our vaccination levels!!

The other good news is that it is unlikely that we will get a really lethal variation of the coronavirus. But wouldn’t it be great if a mutation came that raised the lethal percentage up to say 60% – and specifically wiped out all the plain stupid and evil bastards so the world population could be halved, nature could recover from our ravages, and we get rid of all the unpleasant idiots who make our lives miserable.

Only in my dreams!!

Stay safe. Our end is nigh!!

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