The Corona Diaries – Day 501

It was a much better day in Yorkshire today. A bit cloudy at times but the sun occasionally poked its head out and it was quite warm!

We went for a walk up Nafferton mountain and then to a craft fair.

Back home I’ve been listening to Snooks Eaglin – such a great talent – I do love his laid-back country blues with shades of New Orleans. Fabulous.

Then I wrote a Roy Harper piece and went back to sorting photos and editing the other Roy Harper book!! I’ve been quite busy!

Meanwhile – out in Coronaland – our own overgrown Public Schoolboy is refusing to isolate again after being in contact with someone with the virus. It’s alright! He’s a Tory! They don’t have to! Rules are for the plebs!

The virus does seem to be on the decrease which is great news. The caveat I’d throw at it is that this is the height of summer. It’s the time when aerosol spread diseases are less likely to spread. Our critical time will be this winter. It would be a great idea to get the rate of infection right down before winter arrives – unlike they did last year!!

My money is on the stupid bastards being just as complacent and reckless as they were last year!! Eat out to help out!! Back to the office!! Cram into the trains and busses!! It’s all over.

Well actually it isn’t!! We’re still struggling with the Indian variant our clown stupidly allowed to run rampant and we’ve got the Lambda and doomsday variants on the horizon which evade the vaccine! So much to look forward to!! I bet Dido Harding wishes she was still running Track and Trace splashing around another £37 billion!! Stunning performance!! They found at least three people who might possibly have the virus!! But fortunately there is a surfeit of Tory Donors. They all have to take a turn to get their snouts in the various troughs!! It’s only fair!!

The three brain cells of the collective government response are putting their faith in vaccinating the sixteen to eighteen year-olds to get them to herd immunity! They’ll need ’em too! Their wonderful approach of stick and carrot is a little bogged down. For some reason Tories piss young people off!! I wonder why?? Perhaps Johnson isn’t explaining things properly?? Perhaps they think he’s a stinking liar??

Wales seem to be following a route of explaining things and not threatening. There seems to be much more trust there!

The trouble with Tories is that they are used to throwing their weight around, threatening people and getting their own way. That’s what you do with the lower classes. They should know their place!!

Not to worry – the sixteen year-olds have brains and are not selfish. Many of them can’t wait to get vaccinated so they are not as big a risk to their vulnerable grandparents. The antivaxxers have been targeting them with lots of propaganda on social media and they’ve been telling them to fuck off and mind their own selfish business.

So here we are drifting to the end of summer. You can go on holiday abroad if you can afford it. It’s really only for the rich. But beware when they change the rules and you have to come back the day after you arrive.

In the UK we have just passed 6 million cases! That’s probably an underestimation! It means that about 10% of the population have had the disease and it’s, lest we forget, killed 131,000 people!

Aren’t you glad we’ve got Billy Bunter and the Bastard Boys from Eton Remove in charge of the country! Everything is going so well (for them)!

Stay Safe!!

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