The Corona Diaries – Day 498

Another beautiful day in Yorkshire. I had a zoom meeting with my writing group so I went for my walk this afternoon. Glorious! I love summer! Shorts, sandals and T-shirts. You can feel free, unconfined, unrestricted. Great.

In between I’ve been playing some Leonard Cohen, cooking and editing. It’s been a busy day.

I got told off for my political rants and told I should go and live in an authoritarian country. I’m not sure I want to live in an authoritarian country. I find this place repressive enough and am fighting hard to prevent this slide into extreme authoritarian control – the type of repression that the Tories love so much – you know, stopping protests, draconian laws, control of the media, being unaccountable for gross breaches of ministerial code, parliamentary conduct or even international and national laws. That’s authoritarianism – a slow slide to fascism (now not so slow under lying Johnson). Anyway, I have no intention of stopping telling the truth. Our Tory government is becoming more extreme and authoritarian by the minute. I think they should stop lying, stop breaking the law and stop hammering public servants and the poorest in society. I want to live in a fair society – not this elitist hell the Tories are creating.


Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our disappearing clown, who promises the earth and delivers thin air, who refuses to put himself in a position where he is interviewed and has to defend his lies, policies and actions (because he can’t) – so he avoids all cross-examination and refuses to be held to account still thinks that the British public are a bunch of morons who will be delighted with a diet of lying soundbites. But then I suppose those lying soundbites – taking back sovereignty, £350 million a week, oven-ready and world-beating – were enough to win over enough gullible people, get him elected Prime Minister and get him a majority of 80 so that he is never scrutinised or held to account. But will that bubble burst? I bloody hope so!

We had another 29312 new cases yesterday ( a great underestimate given the reduction in testing) with another 119 deaths. It seems that a lot of young people are ending up in hospital and it is the unjabbed who are mainly dying.

Fit and healthy man, 42, from Southport, who rejected vaccine, dies of Covid | Coronavirus | The Guardian

I suppose they must think that death or life-long invalidity is a price worth paying! I wonder if they refuse antibiotics or other medicines too?

Just think if we didn’t have vaccination we’d all be dying in droves from smallpox, diphtheriae, typhoid, polio, tetanus and all those other illnesses that wiped out huge numbers in ages past. Or is that just fake news in the history books? All those diseases were hoaxes!

Personally I can’t wait for autumn to get my third jab to build up my waning immunity and give me better protection against the variants Johnson so stupidly ushers into the country.

Hopefully we are nearing herd immunity which must be one reason why the virus has not gone as rampant this time. It is also the reason why it is not killing so many people. The vaccine provides great protection against death and ventilators. That’s science for you – beats superstition any day! Another reason for lower cases and deaths seems to be the responsible behaviour of most people. They are still wearing masks, social distancing and staying out of indoor spaces. That partly reaffirms my faith in the British people – but I keep reminding myself that these are the fools that voted in this appalling Tory government! (So my faith is only partly restored!!)

In order to get to that herd immunity the government is opening up vaccinating the over 16s. They’ve had to because of the chicken-heartedness of young people. We’re not there! As those under 12 are unlikely to become very ill it might be worth holding mass covid parties for them! That would boost the herd immunity levels!! (Just kidding).

The challenge will come in autumn. With waning immunity, worsening weather and people going indoors the virus might well have one last go at killing us. There might even be a few more nasty variants to have to deal with.

Stay safe! Your end is nigh!!

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