The Corona Diaries – Day 496

A better day in Yorkshire. The sun was trying to get through. Nice. I went into Bridlington to get some Roy Harper pics done from old negatives. They came out OK. I needed some for the book! Then I took a walk up to Sewerby along the front. The light was weird. It looked stormy but that never materialised.

Back home I sorted photos and did some editing, played some Beatles and read a bit before mowing!

Feeling very down and out of sorts – lacking in energy.

I think it’s the effect of living in a country ruled by a lying clown and a bunch of extreme self-serving bastards who have killed 150,000, are crawling with corruption and sleaze, have completely fucked the economy and yet are still ahead in the polls! How is that possible? Depressing!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the imbeciles who stupidly ushered the Indian variant into the country are still in power. There should have been a revolution by now.

We had another 21,952 cases yesterday – though we can’t trust these figures. Testing is well down and people are avoiding reporting symptoms. Many have discarded the app.

What we can see is that hospital cases have risen 14.8% and deaths are up 20.2%.

The virus is still there!

The vaccine passport is gaining ground. Many firms, clubs, travel and sports venues are demanding it. Unvaxxed people are unwelcome – transmitters of the plague – a danger to others – a breeding ground for variants – the prolongers of the lockdown. What is it with antivaxxers? A mixture of cowardice, stupidity and selfishness? The anti-science brigade with their Trumpian flat earth beliefs, superstitions and beliefs in internet propaganda are going to find themselves social pariahs.

The government doesn’t know what it’s doing – carrot or stick! It’s threatening the young with no football or clubbing and then offering keebabs! Why don’t they just explain things clearly. The case for getting vaccinated is overwhelming!

The economy has to work. Can’t have all these people off work isolating. Government solution – play with the app – reduce the number of pings!

I’m looking forward to a third jab some time in September! I’ll be first in line! I want my life back!

Meanwhile – stay safe!! We must surely get rid of these incompetent bastards soon!!

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