The Corona Diaries – Day 492

It’s been a strange day in Yorkshire – quite warm, blowy and stormy. I managed to take my walk early in a bit of sunshine but all nature was hiding away in preparation for a storm only a couple of crows watched me go by.

Today is the launch day for my Roy Harper Book. Typically Amazon fucked up and told everyone it was out of stock. It seems to have rectified the situation now. We’ll see.

I have now got rid of the whole of my first batch and had to order a second batch! That can’t be bad. I’m quite chuffed. It’s quite a business signing all these books, packaging them up and posting. People seem to be liking it judging from the comments. That makes all that work worthwhile.

I’ve been working on the second Harper book today, sorting photos and editing. It’s progressing well. I’ve had to make a few decisions as to what to do with the photos – to group them or disperse them. I’ve gone for grouping.

While I’ve been working I’ve been listening to Dark Side of the Moon. It’s good to hear just how good it was. A brilliant album.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland everything is still in a mess. The virus is behaving weirdly – or is it?

There were 31,117 new cases today. Up on yesterday and rising for the second day running. So what caused the drop in cases when we were all expecting a rise? Was it a drop in testing? Was it people not declaring when they became ill because they couldn’t miss work? Tests on sewage show a big rise. Hospital entry is soaring. It looks to me as if the drop was artificial and the number of new cases is likely much higher than reported.

But then I’m a cynic.

There were 689,313 pings. That’s a hell of a lot isolating! I reckon people are dumping the app and not testing.

I went to the supermarket today. There were shelves completely empty. The question is as to whether this is due to Brexit or Covid. I suspect both. Brexit is working its pernicious influence disguised by the thick fog of Covid.

What a mess these Eton schoolboys have made of our country! They’ve turned it into a playground for yuppies, a cesspit of corruption and an austerity pit for the rest of us.

Johnson continues to lie his way through life. The polls are narrowing sharply and Johnson’s approval ratings are in freefall. People are waking up! The only trouble is that Starmer is intent on purging the party of Corbynites instead of working with them! We need a united party to oust this scum!

I was listening to a podcast on Priti Patel – her history of bullying and connecting to rightist policy. She has broken ministerial protocol so many times but seems immune. What were Boris Johnson and her doing messing with extreme right-wingers in Israel? What was her kickback from the PPE that she procured on behalf of dubious people?

There is a new depth of sleaze and corruption in this administration. Covid has produced a perfect camouflage. They are making serious money out of misery.

When are we going to have a proper enquiry?

Stay safe!! We are being sucked into a nightmarish tyranny. It’s all very TRumpian!

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