The Corona Diaries – Day 490

It has been a great day – heading off to Scarborough to meet up with my daughter, her partner and the grandkids.

Spent the day on the beach in the sun while they surfed. I’m feeling a little rosy from the sun!

A day of being outside with people, still socially distancing and wearing masks to quickly go in anywhere. The world has changed. Reality for my grandchildren is different. The free and easy lifestyle, the mingling and hugs, all different. They’ve been off school most of the year doing lessons on zoom. I wonder what long-term effect this is going to have on them? I dread to think. Will they develop different behaviour patterns? It’s been a long time in the span of their young lives. The memory of what life used to be like is hard to remember for me. The shroud of covid hangs over everything. Fortunately nobody they know closely has died.

Meanwhile, Out in Coronaland, Johnson has been a lucky bastard. The corona levels continue to fall even though the hospital admissions continue to rise fast and so do the deaths. Hospital admissions were up 334 and there were 131 deaths – the highest for a long while. There is a significant lag on everything. The hospital cases and deaths are the result of the recent high levels of cases. It remains to be seen if Johnson’s reckless opening up of the country will result in another surge. We should know soon.

I think the country has woken up to the fact that we are being governed by a lying, incompetent buffoon backed by a completely obnoxious bunch of extremists. The polls are narrowing substantially and Johnson is in freefall.


We need to get rid of these morons. The more that comes out about his lies and the disastrous way they have handled Brexit and Covid the more the public’s eyes are being opened.

They thought he was a fun, jolly guy who would solve all their problems. He offered to get things done and had world-beating oven-ready solutions. They are beginning to realise he is all hot-air and promises. There is no substance. Nothing was ever world-beating or oven-ready. He’s a blustering disaster zone. Levelling up, care provision, apps, PPE, T&T, moonshots and no borders in Ireland. All shit!!

If it wasn’t for the NHS pulling his bacon out of the fire with their vaccination program he would be long gone!

He just spouts the soundbites!! He’s a lazy chancer who will walk away into a wealthy future – at our expense – just like Cameron and Osborne did (we’re all in it together). He’s really a nasty, devious man who is screwing the public service workers and the poor while not touching the wealthy.

Makes my blood boil! (To quote a cliché).

Stay safe.

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