The Corona Diaries – Day 479

Another beautiful day. I walked up my hill in gorgeous sunshine. Unfortunately they have mown the verges again and decimated the wild flowers, destroyed the habitats and put my temper into a dive!!

I have just got off the phone to the council and have arranged to meet up with the guy from the council to take him up the hill so we can gain a naturalists view on what needs doing (or not doing in this instance). I was surprised that I managed to persuade him.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the mood is building. I think Boris’s bubble is slowly bursting. His approval ratings are negative and people are waking up to the blunders and lies.

He’s all for levelling up.

Levelling up in Johnson’s eyes means £840 per roll wallpaper free for him, millions doshed out to cronies for sweet FA, people put into post on massive salaries (up to £1,500,000) without interview, multimillion pound contracts given to Tory donors without any scrutiny or tendering, and pay cuts for teachers, nurses, drivers, council workers and shopkeepers.

Levelling up means one set of rules for Tories and another for us oiks.

Levelling up means cutting foreign aid (so that tens of thousands starve and girls don’t get educated) so that he can waste £900,000 on painting his Brexit plane and splash out £200 million on a new Brexit Royal Yacht!

Levelling up means maintaining bankers bonuses while cutting support for the unemployed and those in poverty (let the kids starve – Rashford will sort it).

Levelling up means keeping the south rich while telling the north that help is on the way (which it isn’t).

Promises, promises, promises!!!! But no bloody results!!!

Freedom Day is still on the cards!

This is what freedom seems to mean:

A soaring infection rate – up to 50,000 a day and heading for 100,000 a day.

A lot of very scared people.

A lot of vulnerable people driven back into complete isolation (3.4 million).

A lot of people who will still wear masks and distance and are not happy that others won’t.

People worried about their kids getting long covid and being damaged for life.

Hospital cases rising and stressed NHS warning of collapse.

Other operations and treatments being put on hold leading to more deaths, misery and suffering and huge waiting lists.

Phones pinging. Staff isolating and firms shutting. 500,000 pings yesterday! How many when the daily rate is 100,000?

A breeding ground for variants that could put us back to square 1.

Our populist clown thought that ‘Freedom Day’ would make him superpopular. He ignored all the scientists yet again and just went ahead in his lazy bumbling fashion. Trump had a way of totally ignoring science and working on his own intuition (business interests) and Johnson follows suit. Whatever is popular is the way to go.

That’s why we’ve got a bunch of extremists in control, Brexit ravaging the economy and Covid running riot.

Heaven help us!

Stay safe!! It’s Freedom (but not as we know it!)

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