The Corona Diaries – Day 476

I know – I look at that number with disbelief every time I start to write another diary entry. It is 476 days since we went into isolation and the virus is still rampaging around (more due to government stupidity than anything else – if they hadn’t invited the Indian variant in we’d be laughing now).

So here I am nearly a year and a half later. We came back from a trip down the Amazon and a week or so later found ourselves isolated in lockdown with fear all around and a pandemic sweeping the nation.

Now that we are double jabbed we feel we can begin to emerge. Three weeks ago we went on a two week holiday to Cornwall and Devon meeting up with old friends, we went to the cinema twice. On coming back we went to a gig and then had a group of Liz’s ex college friends down for a three day Jazz and Blues Festival. They went today.

I’m knackered.

I’m not used to all this stimulation and activity!! It’s worn me out!

It sounds as if we are fully out of lockdown, but we’re not. We all met outside. The festival was outside. The inside cinema, plays and gig were all socially distanced with masks.

We’re still not taking risks!!

Today I started getting back into my routine by taking a walk up my hill. It was great to see the array of wild orchids, Cranesbill and vetch. Such an array of colour. Nature always gives!!

There’s a lot to look forward to – in two week’s time my Harper book comes out. Tomorrow I will start editing the other Harper book with a view to getting that completed to publish soon! I have a meeting with an editor friend in a couple of weeks to exchange ideas for a follow up to my ‘Pornography Wars’ Sci-fi novel.

All looking good and busy.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland Johnson is making his usual cock-ups. After encouraging people to boo the England team for taking the knee against racism he now hypocritically tells the racists to crawl back under the rock they crawled out from. It’s a rock that he, the cabinet and most of the Tory party are residing under!! This bunch of extreme wankers are the most nationalistic, xenophobic, racist bunch of wankers in recent political history! I had to stop short of saying forever because in the past the Tory Party was supporting slavery and drumming up racist policies in the Empire. They are a bunch of obnoxious self-serving bastards.

Finally the polls are beginning to move as people begin to see them as the self-serving scum they are. Finally eyes are opening to the incompetence and sleaze. Behind the persona of the buffoon and clown lies a devious and nasty opportunist who has taken the whole country for a ride!!

Like Trump he has held people in thrall. Time to boot this bunch of fascist extremists out!!

Despite all the warnings from scientists he is, for political reasons, looking to go ahead with the lifting of all restrictions. I hope people will come to blame him for the ensuing deaths and ruined lives!!

He says it’s irreversible!! We’ll see. If the hospitals are overwhelmed he might be forced to change his tune!!

I also note that Covid passports are appearing (under other names) as those with double jabs are given clearance to go places, attend events and travel while those without jabs are refused. I told you.

This is a time of great jeopardy for those with immune problems or no jabs. Their risks are climbing hourly as the numbers of cases rise. They risk death and life changing illness. Freedom Day for them is another journey into isolation and fear. Already hospital admissions have climbed to the highest for four months! Deaths will follow after a dicing on the ventilators.

Not for me!! I’m not stupid. I believe in science not right-wing propaganda or superstition!

This is Darwinian evolutionary selection in action!!

Stay Safe!! We’re in the Dark Ages Again!! Do you believe in Johnson?? Or are you intelligent??

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 476

  1. well, consider Johnson is nothing more than a British orange fuck. he won’t go away, his supporters won’t go away either. Did Johnson import Texans as Brexiteers? Texans tend to be as stupid as dirt. for example, power system in Texas goes out when it’s cold, then it goes out when it’s hot. Texicans just say “but we’ve kept that bad ol gummint out of the power grid” as they freeze to death in the dark. Texicans are historically stupid as well. we got a new national holiday, juneteenth, because “if we don’t tell slaves they’ve been freed, they’ll still be slaves.” idiot squad with cowboy hats.

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