The Corona Diaries – Day 473

Well the day started OK but then this sea fret came in and shrouded everything in mist!!

So I started the day by going up my hill then it was off to the Jazz Festival!! Some fabulous stuff. But here we are on the 10th July wallowing in mist, huddled under blankets. We can’t see a thing!

It’s a bit like how Boris Johnson sees everything!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, it’s like the whole pandemic is over — except it isn’t!! In fact it is charging along at the same rate as in the death-ridden second wave!! The number of new cases – 35,365 – is up 30.1% in the week. Hospital entries are up 55.9% and deaths 43.1%. That does not sound good!!

Hospitals are already up to capacity, ICUs are full. They are opening auxiliary wards and shutting down other treatments. Covid teams are being re-established. It’s back on a war footing.

This is just the beginning!!

The football frenzy is going to set off a huge spike as young unvaccinated people congregate in pubs and go mental hugging each other.

I’m staying well clear of pubs!! I’m staying well clear of football fans!! Depite being double jabbed I’m going back into semilockdown.

The Jazz Festival today was fine – all socially distanced and outside. I felt very safe. But if I was an unvaccinated person, or had only had one jab, I’d be feeling frightened. This is going to get very bad.

Expect gusts of long covid, gluts of ventilated zombies and piles of bodies!!

Bring out your dead!!

The virus is loving this. Lots of juicy young bodies to jump into – an ideal breeding ground for variants!! We have the Lambda (what happened to the E F G H I J and K variants?) – by the end of this we’ll have run out of alphabet!!

The clown doesn’t care. It’s the economy stupid!!

The antivaxxers still think it’s a hoax! LOL!! Wait til they’re on a ventilator – they won’t have the breath to laugh then.

Things ain’t what they seem! The coast is not clear! This is a very dangerous time. If I was vulnerable or unvaccinated I’d definitely be in hiding!!

The clown has sold his soul to one of the riders of the apocalypse! They are laughing as they dispense pestilence!!

Stay safe!!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 473

  1. What, opher? You and yours shouldn’y die for the economy? What’s wrong ‘s reyowheu? gee where’s old lyin leroy to disabuse you of wanting to live and let profits rise? that’s pure trumpism

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